Is Gavin Newsom the best the Democrats have got?

I found this article humorous but sad:

Gavin Newsom Will Be President. The Only Question Is When.

The first time I encountered Gavin Newsom was at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. I was in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where the DNC finance committee was staying. The scene vibrated with power and wealth as well-known figures and party legends floated through the room. Then Newsom walked inIt was as if the 12 apostles raced to surround Jesus. His admirers encircled him three deep. He owned the room before he was 20 feet into it. I understood what I was seeing. There is an undefinable "it" with a very few politicians and Newsom has it.

As Republicans are working to Make America 1950 Again, and both Democrats and Republicans are once more litigating women's health and what history should be taught in our schools, Newsom is facing the future

He's creating a story to be told on the stump. This attractive man, born to some affluence, has prided himself on making California leadership reflect California's residents. He appointed the first California Latino to the U.S. Senate, the first Latino to be attorney general, the first black Secretary of State, and the first openly gay man to the state Supreme Court.

He's giving Democrats something to smile about by publicly tweaking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. And though he was smart enough to pick fights with President Trump over COVID policies and to placate him when California needed federal help with wildfires, Newsom enjoys telling the story of Trump instructing him to "rake the forests."

Whether in two years or six, it's past time for both parties to usher in the next generation of presidential candidates. The Democratic bench is rock solid, but Newsom could be president of the class.

This writer said that Governor Newsom is going to be president someday.  A man who locks down businesses and schools while sending his kids to private schools that were open would be a good president?

The damage to children, especially poor and special needs kids, was immeasurable due to dictatorial edicts by politicians like Newsom.

These statements are some of the most humorous in the article!

Then Newsom walked in. It was as if the 12 apostles raced to surround Jesus.

The Democratic bench is rock solid.

Now, just a few days ago, the brilliant Newsom told the poor and middle class that they would have to buy expensive, inefficient, impractical electric cars powered by the flammable pollutant lithium, mostly produced in third-world countries.  This man would be a good president?

Then he told the small percentage of people who already own electric cars that they shouldn't charge their electric vehicles between 4 P.M. and 9 P.M. because the power grid can't handle it.

Californians Told Not To Charge Electric Cars As Heatwave Singes State

Californians were told Wednesday not to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours, just days after the state said it would stop selling gas-powered cars, as the aging electricity grid struggles with a fearsome heatwave.

Between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm, "they should also avoid charging electric vehicles."

Is this the man who is a governor of a state where residents are leaving as fast as they can because of taxes, crime, and other things?  They're saying he would make a great president?  Take a gander:

A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago analyzed data from a moving company, concluding that 59.4% of the moves in California were out of the state — the second-highest percentage for any state in America (behind only Illinois). And that percentage is growing, reports the Los Angeles Times, since between 2018 and 2019, California had a lower outbound move rate of just 56%. Citing changes in work-life balance, opportunities for remote work and more people deciding to quit their jobs, the report found that droves of Californians are leaving for states like Texas, Virginia, Washington and Florida. California lost more than 352,000 residents between April 2020 and January 2022, according to California Department of Finance statistics [about 15,476 per month].

A man who traveled to a state for vacation that he put on a no-travel list would make a good president?

Big Sky Hypocrisy: Newsom Vacations in State He Put on No-Travel List

I do agree with Newsom that mail-in ballots aren't safe.  But they go on and on in the state he purports to rule.

Blue on Blue: Pelosi Battles Newsom in California over Farmworkers 

On Friday, Newsom told the California legislature he would not support Assembly Bill 2183, forcing the bill back to the California legislature for revisions.

Newsom's office said in a statement that they "cannot support an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election, and is predicated on an assumption that government cannot effectively enforce laws."

Of course, if Newsom isn't the candidate, the Democrats could go back to Michael Avenatti as the star candidate.  That's the crooked lawyer who was touted as a potential presidential candidate a few years ago by CNN and others.  He was on TV over 254 times for his great skill of trashing Trump.  He has been replaced by Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for that duty.

President Michael Avenatti? Never say never!

Two-and-a-half years removed from my pledge came the news that Michael Avenatti, the man who has emerged in the national consciousness as the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, is considering running against Trump in 2020.

Trump meets his match: Stormy Daniels' combative lawyer Michael Avenatti

The media and other Democrats have a history of supporting crooked lawyers for Hillary and Joe.

If Avenatti is not available, because he is in jail, they could always go to that benchwarmer Andrew Cuomo.

As he was sending people to their deaths at nursing homes, and lying about it, the media, Anthony Fauci, and other Democrats were genuflecting to him as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Cuomo: "Shocking" to See Poll Showing Him Leading 2024 Democratic Field

A new poll of potential Democrat candidates for president in 2024 has New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo leading the field — and it seems no one is more surprised than Cuomo himself.

The poll, released Thursday by Canadian firm Leger, asked voters for their first choice among Democrats for the election four years away (assuming this year's presumptive nominee Joe Biden is not on the ballot).

Cuomo led the field among Democrat voters with 21 percent support, two points better than this year's vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris. (His margin was even larger when counting the response of all voters, regardless of party.) By demographics, he was the first choice of men, women, voters over 30, every geographic region but the West Coast, and of white voters.

And we can always take it from the Democrats' brain trust:

Robert Deniro and Stephen Colbert are great judges as to who should be President.

One leader who is responding well to the crisis? New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has "projected an air of much-needed competence during the epidemic," said Colbert, "and the people. Are. There. For. It." The hashtag #presidentcuomo has been trending on Twitter, and a Jezebel op-ed asked "Help, I Think I'm In Love With Andrew Cuomo???"

Robert De Niro On Gov. Cuomo: He's Doing What A President Should Do

Robert De Niro has been paying close attention to how our leaders are acting during this crisis. While Trump's failures have been "appalling," De Niro is grateful for the steady leadership of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Deep bench?  Laughable.

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