Biden requesting $13.7 billion more in aid to Ukraine

Just yesterday, Breitbart reported that Biden is asking Congress for $13.7 billion in aid for Ukraine.

The $13.7 billion is purportedly for equipment, intelligence support, and direct budgetary support for Ukraine.

The request is part of a $47.1-billion "emergency spending" package Biden is proposing for relief efforts following recent natural disasters in Kentucky and other states and in response to COVID-19 and monkeypox outbreaks.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Biden has sent more than $13.5 billion in "security assistance" to Ukraine.

Recently on 24 August, which is Ukraine's Independence Day, Biden announced a $3-billion aid package to Ukraine.

Back in May, $40 billion of taxpayer money was approved in aid to Ukraine. 

Zelensky's address to Congress, Mar. 16, 2022, YouTube screen grabCC BY 3.0 license.

The following is a reminder of the details of the $40 billion.

More than $4 billion was dedicated to "international disaster assistance" in Ukraine.

Almost $15 billion was dedicated to defense operations and maintenance — including $6 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance and $8.7 billion to replenish stocks of U.S. equipment already sent to Ukraine.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were dedicated to the procurement of missiles, weapons, tracked combat vehicles, ammunition, and aircraft.

Close to $3.9 billion was dedicated to the maintenance of U.S. forces deployed to Europe.

Around $2 billion was dedicated to long-term support to NATO allies and DOD modernization programs.

About $16 billion is for economic support to Ukraine.

A generous $11 billion was granted that enabled Biden to transfer articles and services from the U.S. without congressional approval.

Nearly $200 million was dedicated to the U.S. State Department's diplomatic programs to respond to the situation in Ukraine and countries affected by the conflict.

Around $110 million was for embassy security, construction, and maintenance.

You might assume that measures to meticulously track and accurately disclose details of the actual expenditure would be part of a package.  However, Kentucky senator Rand Paul had attempted to add safeguard measures for transparency to the $40-billion package, but that idea was rejected by both parties.

It is unlikely that the recently requested $13.7 billion will be tracked or the details disclosed to the public.

So what is likely to happen?

Contracts for arms and food aid will be given to Democrat cronies and with an implicit quid pro quo agreement between the politician and the private contractors. 

The money could find its way back to U.S. shores and into the accounts of all those who approved them.  But this will be done legally.

Perhaps in the form of lucrative employment for family members, such as Hunter Biden's role on Burisma's board; family members could end up on boards of the cronies who were awarded contracts.  There are myriad other ways to launder money, and it will all happen legally.

The Democrats know they are going to lose in November.  The time between now and the midterms will be used to drain the Treasury to fund their various pet projects.  The Democrats are like an employee on notice of termination with an unlimited expense account

This is scandalous.

Beyond the corruption, the criminal waste of money, and the needy not receiving their aid, there is a serious security concern for the US.

Twenty-two GOP Congress members questioned the administration's compliance with the Arms Export Control Act of 1976, which limits the use of weapons exported by the U.S. government in foreign countries. 

Even Democrat mouthpiece CNN conceded there is no tracking for the considerable dispatch of weaponry into Ukraine.

CBS News reported that of the billions of dollars of military aid that the U.S. sends to Ukraine,  only 30% of it reaches its final destination.  CBS then deleted the report and tweets linked to the report.

The war in Ukraine had attracted more than 20 thousand foreign fighters.

Some among these mercenaries could either pilfer this advanced weaponry for usage elsewhere or sell them on the black market.  What if the mercenaries or black-market bidders turn out to be terrorists?  What if they manage entry into the U.S. owing to Biden's open borders?

The U.S. government could have unknowingly funded a terror attack on its own soil. 

Despite these concerns, all legislation for aid to Ukraine was passed swiftly and with an overwhelming majority, without debates, questions, or requests for amendments.

Those lawmakers who challenged the groupthink were branded as agents of Putin propagandists by both parties.

Lawmakers have never, ever shown such consensus on addressing burning issues in the U.S. — such as the open border, the crime wave, the drug addiction crisis, the inflation crisis, etc.

Nobody in D.C. is talking about Mississippi residents having no proper drinking water due to recent torrential rain and decades of poorly maintained water systems.

How is the situation in Ukraine?

A few weeks after Russia's intervention in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky invoked his emergency powers under martial law to ban several opposition political parties.

Zelensky banned three media outlets for five years, claiming they were pro-Russian messengers funded by Russia.  But other reports suggest that these media outlets were merely questioning Zelensky's narrative.

Zelensky also suspended officials, including the chief of the domestic security agency and the prosecutor general, citing dozens of cases of collaboration with Russia by officials in their agencies.

Zelensky also has a fondness for publicity.  During the raging war, he found time to pose for Annie Leibovitz's portrait spread for Vogue.

Zelensky even appealed to China to help Ukraine in its war efforts and to help "rebuild Ukraine."  In a phone call with Chinese president Xi, Zelensky offered Ukraine as a "bridge to Europe" for China. 

When it comes to money, Zelensky doesn't discriminate between the West and its adversaries.

In fact, Zelensky won the presidential election in 2019 after much of his campaign was allegedly bankrolled by one of Ukraine's richest — and most corrupt — oligarchs, Igor Kolomoisky.

Under Zelensky, anti-oligarch laws were passed to target wealthy individuals who oppose Zelensky.  Corruption charges were leveled at Zelensky's predecessor and main rival, Petro Poroshenko.  Observers called this politically motivated.

To sum it up, Zelensky is a corrupt despot ruling Ukraine with an iron fist.

So what's the bill so far?

Biden has already spent $13.5 billion.

The $40 billion has allegedly been disbursed or committed.

Biden has the authority to send arms from existing U.S. stockpiles worth $11 billion without congressional approval.

Biden dispatched $3 billion in aid to Ukraine on their Independence Day.

Biden now wants $13.7 billion.

The total is around $81.2 billion.

A recent government report revealed that COVID-19 relief efforts led to possibly the largest fraud in the history of America — an estimated $163 billion was paid to undeserving individuals due to either error or fraud.

If this is the situation within the U.S., what happens thousands of miles away in Ukraine?

The absence of opposition and free media means the government is not accountable to anybody, and the lack of oversight in the legislation that dispatched aid makes it worse.  

Equally concerning is the record of corruption and cronyism in Ukraine under Zelensky — and in the U.S. under Biden.

Will the Republicans launch an investigation next year after winning the House and the Senate during the midterms?

No harm in hoping.

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