Biden talked all about the regressive Republicans, but where were the facts?

By now, everyone has seen Biden's dark speech, where he said MAGA Republicans want to move the country backwards — but of course, he failed to cite any statistics to justify that disparaging statement.  Facts and results never seem to matter to Democrats or their supporters in the media.

Below are several statistics: 2016, the last year of Obama/Biden nightmare; then 2019, which was three years of Trump and before COVID; and then July 2022, after 18 months of the Biden/Harris regime.

There is nothing in these statistics that indicates that Trump's policies moved the country backwards.

We're in the midst of record-high inflation rates that disproportionately affect the poor and middle classes — the very people Democrats pretend to care about the most —  but almost all Americans are feeling the pain of the reduced purchasing power.

Trump's philosophy was to cut the bureaucracy of big government regulations, and as a result, the U.S. had the best productivity in nine years.  On the other hand, the policies of Biden and the Democrats stack regulation on top of regulation — that is what actually moves the country backwards, greatly increasing inflation.  From a Reuters article a few weeks back:

U.S. worker productivity in the second quarter fell at its steepest pace on an annual basis since 1948 when the Labor Department began tracking it, while growth in unit labor costs accelerated, suggesting strong wage pressures will continue to help keep inflation elevated.

It is extremely backwards and unpopular to support abortion at any stage of a pregnancy and to withhold health care from fully developed babies.  I would call the people who support these things "extremists."

Democrats claim they are for women's rights and equity, yet they want to force women to compete with males.  Democrats have no right to claim they are the party of science with extreme anti-science policies like this.

There is no correlation linking crude oil consumption, coal consumption, methane, CO2, number of vehicles on the road, or all the other things we are told are causing a "climate crisis" with the actual climate.  The temperature has fluctuated between warming and cooling and is barely higher than 150 years ago.  If there is no correlation, there can be no causation.

The use of natural resources has greatly improved our quality and length of life.  It is intentionally moving backwards to destroy industries that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions and are responsible for thousands of products.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson declared a war on poverty.  The Great Society and anti-poverty programs were sold as a way to reduce poverty, but the programs essentially encouraged the breakup of the family, with the government usurping the role of the father. 

Over $16 trillion was spent in the first fifty years of these programs, and 15% of people were still in poverty, which is barely better than the 19% of people who lived in poverty at the time of Johnson's declaration of war.

Single parenthood is one of the greatest indicators of whether children will be raised in poverty or not.  Before the anti-poverty government programs, single parenthood was 5.7%.  In 2018, it shot to around 40%.  Those policies moved the country backwards.  See some statistics below:

Government statistics reveal that the percentage of all babies born to unwed mothers nationally rose to 32 percent in 1997 from only 5.3 percent in 1960. Among blacks nationally, 69 percent of births were to unwed mothers.


Single motherhood has grown so common in America that today 80% of single-parent families are headed by single mothers, nearly a third live in poverty.


For all racial and ethnic groups combined, 39.6 percent of births were out-of-wedlock (incidentally, isn't that appalling?). And there was as always a tremendous range among groups (these never vary by more than a percentage point or two each year, by the way). For blacks, the number is 69.4 percent; for American Indians/Alaska Natives, 68.2 percent (Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders were at 50.4 percent); for Hispanics, 51.8 percent; for whites, 28.2 percent; and for Asian Americans, a paltry 11.7 percent.

Contrast Democrat results with Trump's.  Trump's low tax, low regulation, energy independence policies gave the U.S. the lowest poverty rate on record.  His policies lifted all boats.  The media and other Democrats claim they want to help the poor, minorities, and the middle class, yet they sought to destroy Trump and his policies every day.

The Democrats call their policies progressive, but there is nothing forward-looking about policies that are intentionally weakening the U.S. and its economy.

It would be more appropriate to all themselves and their policies oppressive, depressive, and regressive.

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