Even weird, creepy Joe has a crazy cult following

Both parties keep referring to the other side as "cultists" when that side strongly supports a political candidate.  That's inaccurate.  Because most conservatives believe in God, while they admire Trump's abilities, they don't accord him superhuman qualities.  Democrats, though, are always looking for a new "god," as we saw with Obama worship.  I doubt many of us, though, thought it could happen with the decrepit, demented, overtly corrupt Biden.  One woman's tweet shows how wrong we were.

When it came to Obama, the "God" cult was overt.  Los Angeles Times' David Ehrenstein called Obama a cultic "magic negro."  Newsweek's Evan Thomas said, "I mean, in a way, Obama's standing above the country, above — above the world.  He's a sort of God."

Photographers loved giving Obama halos:

Bing images screen grab.

There are a handful of Biden halo photographs, but the passion just isn't there:

Bing images screen grab.

I assumed that even people who voted for Biden can't get that excited about him.  Democrats like his Green New Deal and open borders, but are they really missing the anger and incoherence?  He's less "god" and more "old man shouting at the sky," with a whiff of "he smells like old people."

Or at least that's what I thought.  Does anyone find Biden godlike or even attractive?

Well, it turns out that people do.  Meet Jojo, a Democrat from Jersey who has over 602,000 Twitter followers, some of whom probably aren't bots.  She's also got a Patreon account, which she describes as "Creating snark and a community that destroys right-wing a------ hypocrisy," and she sells swag, including $14.99 cloth masks boasting that "you are not smarter than science."  (Dear Jojo: Science has admitted that cloth masks are pretty useless.)

The other person to meet is Jay Black, who identifies as a comedian and screenwriter who occasionally appears on MSNBC.

Jojo got a chance to cuddle up quite literally to Joe Biden.  I mean, it's as if she willingly offered her hair as a sacrifice to his sniffing.  Thrilled with this moment in Biden's arms, Jojo tweeted about this transcendent experience not once, but twice:

This is where Jay comes in.  I must admit that the first time I read Jay's response to Jojo's rapture, I thought he was trying to be funny (again, he's a "comedian").  However, having read his obsessively vicious Trump tweets, I think his nauseatingly sycophantic tweet is the real deal:

Bad, right?  That's coming very close to Obama-cult level.  But when it comes to taking a very mortal man (the stench of mortality oozes off of Biden), nothing beats Jojo's answer turning Biden into the living avatar of all that is good in the world:

If I were Obama, I'd be jealous right now.  And just so you know, Jojo and Jay aren't the only ones:

When I read those and other like-minded responses, I so wanted to reach out to these people to help them get some perspective.  "Whoa there, ladies, gentlemen, others.  Remember that Joe Biden is an ordinary man who poops his pants one leg at a...oh, excuse me, I mean who puts on his pants one leg at a time."

Somehow, though, I don't think they would listen to me.  I'm embarrassed for them as are their forebears, all of whom at some time in the past made a difficult journey to come to a unique, free country that didn't make them worship kings or small "g" gods.  Apparently, though, they lack the sense to be embarrassed for themselves.

Hat tip: Twitchy.

Image: Joe Biden.  YouTube screen grab.

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