Senator from Hawaii issues a 'literal' call for violence against those who oppose baby murder

When a political faction establishes indiscriminate murder of the most vulnerable human beings as a pillar of policy, it's safe to say that calls encouraging wanton violence against its political opponents is not a stretch in morality.

In response to Lindsey Graham's proposed legislation to codify abortion into law so long as the execution occurs before the 15th week of the pre-born child's life, crazy Mazie the Democrat made some choice remarks:

In an effort to ensure there was no ambiguity, Hirono emphasized the "literal" nature of what could rightfully be taken as a call to violence (after all, a "call to arms" is a rallying cry for armed combat).  She vocally asserted that the appeal was, in fact, meant to be taken "literally."

(After scanning Twitter for a good five minutes looking for condemnation from anyone in GOP or elected Republican leadership, expectedly, I came up snake eyes.)

Speaking to Hirono's indiscretionary remarks, David Freiheit, a well respected attorney and content creator, said:

As far as I can tell, Hirono's rhetoric received zero backlash from her fellow Democrats.  In light of that, it sure sounds as though the Democrat consensus is, "If you won't let us kill babies, then we'll kill you."

In a political climate of serious violence levied against pro-life establishments since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which occurred less than three month ago (one figure put the number of attacks against pregnancy resource centers and churches at 94), comments like Hirono's are acutely sanctimonious and beyond irresponsible.

Hirono still blubbers about January 6 and in one tweet even questioned how Republicans could "look at themselves in the mirror" after experiencing the "violence" of the day's events.  In a statement issued this past January, she described the date as a "horrific day" and the protest as a "physical attack" before dropping this little bomb of hypocrisy:

Watching armed militia members storm the Capitol was shocking and will undoubtedly have a profound and lasting impact on our country.

Apparently to Hirono, Americans exercising their God-given rights secured by the supreme law of the land, while also setting foot inside the public property exclusively occupied by the political aristocracy and their vassals, is unacceptable — after all, the peasants should know their place — but "literally" issuing a "call to arms" against pro-life citizens is appropriate?

The "intellect" of some Democrats can be rather perplexing.

Here's a rhetorical question: where's the FBI?

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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