Hunter Biden is trying to avoid child support for his Arkansas child

Hunter Biden is trying to scale down the child support he pays for his four-year-old daughter with Lunden Roberts, a former stripper in Arkansas.  While Roberts seems to be a lovely mother, Hunter is a disgrace of a father, first refusing to acknowledge the child and then, despite living an excessive Los Angeles lifestyle for a couple of years, doing his best to stiff the little girl.

One of the great mysteries about Hunter Biden is how he's able to get so many women into his bed.  His first wife seems to have been a decent woman.  Then he had an affair with his dead brother's widow.  Somewhere along the line, he got into bed with Lunden Roberts, whom he impregnated, only to refuse to acknowledge the child of that union.  Following that sordid (the only word) affair, Hunter suddenly married a seemingly successful South African filmmaker.  Along the way, as his hard drive shows, he's also had an endless supply of paid women he's bedded.  Let's just say I wouldn't ever want to shake his hand or even touch anything he's touched first.

On top of this compulsive womanizing was Hunter's compulsive drug use. Again, as his hard drive shows, Biden used so many drugs that it's something of a miracle that he's still alive.

Image: Hunter Biden.

Through those years, there was always money, lots and lots of money.  Thanks to his father's political connections and willingness to sell influence, literally tens of millions of dollars have passed through Hunter's hands.  It's true that Hunter complains in one of the many missives on his hard drive that he was expected to help support an apparently greedy family with all this money, something that included giving half to Joe himself.  However, Hunter's 50% was still more money than many people will see in a lifetime.

Over the past three years, after having married his second wife, Hunter was living in a $12,000-a-month mansion in the Hollywood Hills and driving a very nice Porsche.  In addition, his flirtation with "art" to prove he was off drugs was pretty lucrative.  Five of his prints sold for $75,000 each.  Other artworks were priced from $300,000 to $500,000.  Nobody knows if those works sold and, if so, to whom or for how much.

When it comes to poor little Navy, though, Hunter somehow can never find the money.  In 2019, when Roberts was finally able to prove through DNA that Hunter is Navy's father, Hunter announced that he was too poor to pay for the child, despite all the money he's made.  His claim was that his first wife and the three children they had together were draining him dry.

Now he's back in court again, claiming he's too poor to pay for Navy's upkeep.  In his motion, Hunter claims a "substantial material change" in his "financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income."

I'm a cynical person, so I can think of a few reasons for this "substantial material change": one, he's started using again.  It's a good bet that much of the money he earned in the past went into his crack pipe or up his nose.  Addicts are notoriously unable to hang onto money, and Hunter was no exception.  Two, now that Joe is completely in the spotlight in the Oval Office, Hunter's grift has finally ended.  Joe can no longer put him in the path of foreign countries that want to buy influence in the White House.  Three, Hunter deeply resents Roberts's daring to come after him — a Biden! — and is making her life difficult just to make her life difficult.

The most exciting thing about this whole sordid, depressing affair is what Roberts's attorney has to say: "Ultimately, this is going to require us to look deeply, more deeply, into Hunter's finances."  Yes, please!  I can think of few things that could be more revealing for the entire Biden clan than a look at those finances.  This would be a more informative search, I bet, than the FBI's tax fraud investigation will probably prove to be.

Ultimately, there's something very wrong in the Biden family.  Joe's two surviving children — Ashley and Hunter — have both had sex and drug problems.  While I know Roberts wants a fair deal for her little Navy, and that it's incredibly insulting that Joe Biden pretends the child doesn't exist while Hunter keeps trying to stiff her, it strikes me that Roberts would be wisest to keep as far away as possible from the Bidens.  Everybody who comes near Joe and Hunter seems to end up broken. 

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