Crises like never before — and Joe Biden's team celebrates

A Consumer Price Index report released yesterday revealed that the costs of goods and services advanced 0.1 percent in August and are up 8.3 percent in the last 12 months.  The cost of living continues to rise precipitously.

Following the bad news on inflation, the stock market crashed by nearly 1,200 points, suffering its worst day since June 2020.  The stock market now sits below the level it was at on the day Joe Biden took office.  The losses to citizens — from education accounts to retirement accounts to savings for homes, all tied to the markets, is immeasurable.

Clearly, citizens are suffering gravely.

So how did the Biden administration react?

They are not only in denial...

They were celebrating the passage of a multi-billion-dollar green energy spending bill disguised as an "Inflation Reduction Act."

The mood was so joyous that they invited 1970s singing icon James Taylor to sing for them on the White House lawn.  Taylor chose to sing "Fire And Rain," which happens to be about suicide and drug addiction.

Was Taylor's choice of song meant for the darkness caused by the Biden administration?  Who knows?

All of the above occurred only yesterday.

The situation overall is dire.

The U.S. is in the midst of a massive border crisis since Biden took over, with more than 1.7 million migrant encounters in FY 2021, and more than 2 million in FY 2022.  Some among these migrants are violent criminals.

Police departments across America face severe staffing shortages as they struggle to recruit and retain officers.  The result is that the rate of violent crimes in the U.S. in 2020 rose for the first time in years, while the murder rate spiked by 30%, the biggest increase since record-keeping began in 1960.

To sum it up, the economy is in the doldrums, and surging prices are adding to the struggles of American families.  The citizen is no longer safe with law enforcement understaffed and a crime spike.  The political establishment is in denial such that it is almost scoffing at the suffering of citizens by celebrating. 

These are crises like never before.

When matters go so haywire, it makes sense to go back to the very basics — to understand the meaning of democracy.

Democracy was defined by Lincoln as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Since all people cannot govern simultaneously, they lend power to an individual through their votes.  It is essential to emphasize the word "lend." 

Tenants who have stayed for long on rented property begin to think of themselves as owners.  This is what has happened with elected officials.

They no longer think of themselves as subordinates to the citizens, but instead as rulers.  Citizens are regarded as subjects.  They see freedom for citizens as a luxury rather than a right.  They think citizens need to be controlled.  They look at their political opposition as impediments that need to be crushed.

Their sole focus is to ensure their permanence.

They focus on targeting political opponents.

They intend to overwhelm a dissenting electorate with a permanent servile underclass who will vote unconditionally.

If this isn't a national emergency, what is?

During such volatile times, there are three groups that citizens look toward for hope: government agencies, the news media, and the political opposition.

So let's look at the news media first.

The function of the news media is to report the activities and output of the political class as objectively as possible and hold them accountable for their promises.  They are also supposed to be a watchdog who reports anti-democratic activity. 

Now for the reality.

Start with the media.  The mainstream media function like a department within the Democrat party.  The editorials, anchors, and panelists speak in unison even using identical phraseology ordered by the Democrats.  Words such as "insurrection" and "collusion" did not just catch on naturally; it was an instance of the media following orders.

When the Biden administration finds itself in perpetual disarray, they merely look the other way or resort to spinning.

Now look at the opposition:

The political opposition has a duty to keep the government in check.  Its job is to be vigilant when there is even a hint that matters be moving in the wrong direction.  When citizens are suffering gravely, the opposition becomes a voice for those people.

How are the Republicans reacting?

Some remain quiet, some side with the Democrats, and the rest appear on Fox News to express their outrage.  They also appear outraged during hearings as they grill Biden's minions.  However, very little occurs in terms of action.  The Republicans have no proper strategy in response to Biden's catastrophic misgovernance and the Democrats' assault on democracy. 

Most Republicans probably lack either the killer instinct or empathy with the voters, or both.

Finally, the agencies:

For a democracy to be fully functional, there always have to be controls installed, to make sure that human invention doesn't compromise the system.

There are three types of controls: the detective control function that identifies the problem and deduces the cause of the problem, the corrective control that attempts to undo the damage caused by the problem, and the preventive control that attempts to avert the event from recurring.

The implementation of these controls is in the agencies such as the FBI, the CDC, the IRS, etc.

What's become of these agencies currently?

The FBI is targeting political opponents.  The CDC allowed a few vested interests to hijack the opinions on COVID-19 in order to tamper with the norms of the 2020 presidential elections.

These agencies now serve at the pleasure of the Democrat establishment.  Their goal now is to detect and prevent impediments — i.e., to persecute challengers before the Democrat establishment.  Their goal also is to deter any other potential challengers.

Let's look at the FBI as an example:

The home of Donald Trump, who is the primary challenger of the Washington Establishment, was raided by the foremost law enforcement agency in the U.S.

Yesterday, ardent Trump-supporter and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell revealed that his cell phone was seized by the FBI.

Many other Trump aides have either been arrested or targeted and had their phones seized, some 40 in all.  The January 6 protesters have been subjected to subhuman conditions in prisons awaiting trial for prolonged periods. 

Biden relentlessly demonizes MAGA Republicans, calling them a "threat to democracy."  The regime calls dissenting citizens, who are most likely MAGA Republicans, domestic terrorists.  

In conclusion:

The government is incompetent, with a proclivity toward totalitarianism and antagonism toward a section of citizens. 

The mainstream media function as willful stenographers of the establishment. 

The agencies have been hijacked by Democrats.  The opposition is apathetic and ineffective.

Citizens are subjected to misinformation, mandates, and restrictions.  Challengers are subjected to demonization and intimidation. 

If these myriad crises continue, and citizens continue to be subjected to hardships, dangers, and humiliation, their patience will run out, a breaking point will be reached, and the reaction will not be peaceful.

Perhaps that is the goal: to inflict relentless hardships on citizens to provoke a violent response, and then claim that it is a domestic terror situation.   

This truly is an unprecedented emergency.  Winning one election will not be enough to dismantle the damages done. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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