The FBI hunted down Mike Lindell and seized his phone

Mike Lindell went on a hunting trip with a friend.  While they were on the road, the FBI tracked Lindell, surrounded his car, and presented him with a warrant telling him he had to turn over his phone.  What's important is that this wasn't about January 6.  Instead, the DOJ and FBI went after Mike Lindell's phone in connection with Tina Peters, the Mesa County (Colorado) clerk and recorder who is being charged with security breaches relating to election equipment.

Lindell appeared on "Lindell TV," his streaming service, yesterday evening to announce what had happened.  He explained that he'd gotten up early to go with a friend on a hunting trip in Minnesota, where he lives.  On his return, when he and his friend were at a Hardees, they found their car surrounded by other cars — either criminals or the FBI, Lindell told his friend.  It was the FBI.

Image: Mike Lindell.  YouTube screen grab.

Eventually, the FBI produced a warrant telling Lindell to turn over his phone.  This was a blow to Lindell because, he says, it's his sole computer.  He uses it for everything from his business to controlling his hearing aids.  Because of the warrant, though, he had the Hobson's choice of relinquishing the phone or being arrested.

What we're seeing here is a major shift away from January 6.  To the extent that people did trespass and "parade" in the Capitol (although there's reason to believe that many were entrapped into entering the property), the DOJ and FBI had at least some colorable criminal cases.  That the DOJ didn't feel compelled to make the same cases against the BLM and Antifa activists who attacked federal property across America in 2020 was something we were all supposed to ignore.

Now, however, the (In)Justice Department is branching out by going after anyone who has challenged the November 2020 election results.  Again, we're supposed to forget the events subsequent to 2016's election.  Then, America saw four years of "The Resistance" and "He's not my president" and "Russia, Russia, Russia" and "The election outcome was fraudulent."  Just because it can't be played often enough, here are 12 minutes of Democrats (including Biden himself) denying election results:

And just to drive the point home, this video shows Democrats explicitly objecting to the Electoral College votes for Trump:

The DOJ's message is clear: it's legitimate when Democrats do it; it's insurrection, treason, and sedition when Republicans do it.  The equal application of law in America is vanishing.

In Lindell's case, he's apparently being investigated because of charges against Tina Peters.  Peters is accused of helping people copy voting machine hard drives.  This information ended up being shared with people who believe there was substantial fraud in the 2020 election.

The charges against Peters are serious — seven felonies and three misdemeanors.  Peters has defended herself on the ground that all her activities were within the scope of her duties as county clerk and recorder, given the concerns her constituents had about the voting machines' integrity.

(Incidentally, I got the bare facts from a Colorado Public Radio outlet.  I didn't link or quote, though, because the outlet didn't purvey actual news.  It was, instead, a garbage piece of bias, sprinkled with smears against anyone daring to challenge the election.)

It's apparent that the FBI is attempting to indict Lindell as an accomplice.  What's even more apparent is that the Biden administration, as Tucker Carlson already pointed out, isn't just going after trespassers and "paraders" on federal property.  It seeks, instead, to imprison, intimidate, bankrupt, and silence anyone who looks at the doddering, corrupt wreck in the White House and his pathetic basement campaign, and then questions whether he really won.

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