Another day, another outrageous lie from the Biden regime

The Biden administration, along with many in the media, has been feeding the public the fiction that the economy is strong, and families are thriving despite the massive inflation they have caused.

It has been obvious for a long time, with credit card debt rising, savings rates declining, and more than 50% living paycheck-to-paycheck, that there are significant problems — and now we see that people are borrowing for daily expensesincluding food

'Buy now, pay later' services, which allow consumers to pay for goods in installments, often without interest, have become increasingly common for food purchases.

Josh Roberts didn't think twice about taking out a loan to pay for groceries. It was early in the pandemic, and he was making $16.50 an hour working for a technology company in Cincinnati while supporting his sister and her girlfriend.

'We were just not making enough to live,' he said.

So he started buying groceries online using a virtual credit card from Klarna, a 'buy now, pay later' service that allowed him to break payments into smaller installments that could be made over several weeks, with no interest.

As the Democrats and their media cohorts continue to push a false narrative, it becomes clearer and clearer this is all a façade — there is an intentional goal, and that is economic destruction.

The government has operated on a buy now, pay later system forever.  That is how we find ourselves $30 trillion in debt, which continues to run up at a truly nauseating rate.

Here are the only three facts people need to see that prove this is all a fraud and a scam:

  1. We constantly hear that the proposed entitlement and other spending programs are paid for, yet with record taxation, we are still in incomprehensible debt.
  2. The Democrats continually lied to get Obamacare passed — the first lie being that it would substantially lower costs, and the second that it would reduce the deficit.  One of the fictional pieces of this bill was that if the government took over student loans, it would bring in revenue.  The government not only didn't make money, but continues to lose money.  (And that was before the vote-buying scheme known as "loan forgiveness," which is expected to cost more than $200 billion.)
  3. When Obamacare was short of funds, Obama didn't go to Congress for an additional appropriation.  He just stole it from elsewhere, and there was no accountability regarding his abuse of power. 

Student loans were always a buy now, pay later program.  As colleges jacked up their prices faster than inflation, the government just kept throwing more of our money at it.  Now we are told students don't have to pay the money back.  Of course, exploitative and predatory practices on behalf of colleges aren't the problem, either.

Politicians have promised government workers generous pensions and benefits based on end-of-career salaries.  These have always been buy now, pay later programs, which are massive unfunded liabilities that will be paid for by future generations.

Biden's open border policies are buy now, pay later schemes.  I have not seen him go to Congress to ask that his program to fly illegal aliens around the country be funded legally.

In the falsely named "Inflation Reduction Act," we are paying for 87,000 new IRS agents and pretending to pay for them later with additional taxes collected.

The only policies I have seen that have been paid for are the tax rate cuts of Reagan, Bush, and Trump, that not only paid for themselves, but brought in substantial revenue.  The media and other Democrats lie and say these policies cost the government lots of money.  Facts haven't mattered for a long time.

Summary: The Democrats are full of hot air, and the media will run cover for them.

They pretend to be responsible fiscal stewards, and any mishaps were "unexpected."  In reality, they're waging economic war against the American people. 

As for me, I proudly want to make America great again.  I want capitalist policies that lift all boats, I want energy independence, and I want to welcome immigrants who come here legally to be treated well and do well.  For that, I'm the extremist who wants to destroy democracy.

Image: Phil Roeder, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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