A transgender narcissist and the allure of the 'H Cup'

At Oakville Trafalgar High School in Ontario, the manufacturing technology teacher began "transitioning" (simulating being a woman) about a year ago.  Recently, photographs have surfaced online that show "Kayla" Lemieux sporting an obnoxiously large set of lightweight plastic or vinyl prosthetic breasts. 

According to Reduxx, a feminist online publication:

Multiple photos and videos have surfaced of the same individual instructing young students, and in all of them he is wearing the oversized bust.

The media has been confirmed as originating from Oakville Trafalgar High School in Oakville, Ontario.

The man seen in the photos and videos is a Manufacturing Technology instructor who allegedly began identifying as a woman last year. The teacher now goes by the name Kayla Lemieux.

Some women do have busts somewhat like that.

I spent a year working at a national women's plus-size retailer that also has an intimate appeal line.  I was the only male working at this company in the entire Northeast U.S.  Not having a woman's body myself, it was a difficult and steep learning curve to grasp how plus-size women experience comfort and fit differently from how I do.  When I say Lemieux's fake breasts are "obnoxiously large," I am using the exact same words used by the women I have met who actually have breasts that large.

There is a more specific term for it.  It's called an "H Cup," and it's as large as cup sizes go. 

The woman who have H Cups generally are in pretty serious pain most of the time, and it is not sexual for them at all.  The strain on their backs and shoulders makes the most routine of daily tasks into painful situations.  Extreme breast size can be debilitating in ways people who don't have it can't fathom, such as having a minor car accident leading to a major injury because the airbag deployed.

My most memorable sales experience at this store involved a woman who told me that I "changed her life" by insisting that I could find a bra that actually fit and was comfortable.  She had an H Cup, and she broke down crying, talking about the back and shoulder pain that had plagued her since adolescence, somewhat relieved by a proper-fitting undergarment. 

Women who have natural F, G, and H cup sizes will tell you the experience is generally miserable and can be extremely painful.  Many will seek breast reduction surgery.  Those who cannot have surgery have issues the rest of their lives ranging from trouble finding clothes that fit to extreme pain.

Men who sport lightweight simulated H Cup "breasts" probably have trouble finding clothes that fit over them, but they are spared the weight and associated health problems and pain.  It's a bit like someone who can walk using a wheelchair to gain sympathy.  When Lemieux wants to sleep on his stomach, he only needs to remove his simulated breasts, and voilà!  He can sleep on his stomach in total comfort!  But he can garner attention any time he wants by simply slipping them back on!


This guy is trying to be a disruption in class.  He is trying to draw attention to himself.  He has a sexual fetish that he is acting out.  If he really has body dysmorphia regarding large breasts, perhaps he should wear a couple of 150-pound sandbags around his shoulders at all times.  If he wants an H Cup, he should get the full on H Cup experience with lots of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and extra effort to do everything.

The larger point is that the teaching "profession" (such as it is) seems to be attracting narcissists with extreme sexual proclivities that they feel the need to display publicly.  I cannot fathom going into a classroom as a student and having such antics on display by anyone, much less the "teacher."  

This "teacher" clearly doesn't value his students' time, effort, or ability one bit.  He is too busy making it all about himself.  And this is happening at schools all over the Western world — Cluster B personality disorder types absolutely dominating others and inflicting themselves upon a group that can't just dismiss them as narcissists and walk away.  Kids in school are the ultimate captive audience. 

Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition in which the person who has it doesn't experience the disorder at all; rather, it is something he cooks up each day and inflicts upon others.  Narcissists lack empathy; therefore, narcissistic personality disorder always involves abuse.

When Lemieux came up with his woman's parody, he considered only himself in the equation.  He didn't consider how women with a real H Cup feel or what they might go through.  He didn't think about how mimicking a condition that he doesn't have might affect his students.  He thought about only himself, and the ludicrous state protection that he and other narcissists like him get nowadays. 

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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