Too many Republicans are as useless as Democrats

Throughout the long Clinton-fabricated Russia hoax devised to take Trump down, most Republicans had little or nothing to say.  Too many of them believed it or hoped it was true. Trump scared them as much as he frightened the left.

Most of them are participating members of the swamp that Trump promised to drain.  They were nearly as quiet during the two ridiculous impeachments, both absurd and based on lies.  Adam Schiff may well go down in history as the biggest cheat and habitual liar ever to sit in the House.  He has been caught lying numerous times but can't help himself; he can hardly utter a word that is true.  Like the Democrats and the left media who spread every wacky tall tale they get wind of, most Republicans kept their cowardly mouths shut.  Minority leader Kevin McCarthy might as well be a Democrat.  He has had far too little to say about the egregious crimes of the left, especially since Biden took office.

The crimes perpetrated against the nine hundred mostly innocent people who were present in D.C. to hear Trump's speech on January 6 are legion and inexcusable in what once was a democratic representative republic.  While a few brave Republican souls — MTG, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Paul Gosar — have worked tirelessly to bring attention to those crimes and the plight of those still imprisoned without due process, most Republicans have shamefully remained quiet.  God forbid they anger the NYT or WaPo, or CNN and MSNBC, both leftist propaganda outlets of the worst kind.  But then truth is not a left-wing value, as Dennis Prager often notes.

The list of hoaxes and lies the left media and Democrats have embraced since Trump announced his candidacy is long and storied, nearly all of them false.  The anti-Trumpers will believe any absurdity if they think it will damage the man who was the best president since Reagan.  Believability is not a concern; they've lost the ability to think critically and too many republicans have fallen prey to the same mental defect.

The left successfully engineered a stolen election because Trump was an outsider who they realized may not toe the leftist D.C. corrupt line.  Leftists had to prevent the man from running, winning, and winning again.  Now they've jumped the shark and raided his home at Mar-a-Lago for "classified" documents that have been there since he left office.  They were packed up and shipped there by the GSA (General Services Administration) under the auspices of the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration).

In June, they visited those still unopened boxes of documents they had packed and sent to Palm Beach and then requested that an additional lock be put on the door of the room where those boxes were stored.  Not a news flash: The feds had full access to whatever was there.  Trump had been cooperating fully and made known his willingness to cooperate in any further requests.

So what was this raid all about?  It was meant to dirty up the man before the midterm elections and prevent him from running in 2024.  Nearly all of his endorsed candidates have won their primaries.  The Democrats are panicked.  The raid was a foolhardy, injudicious fishing expedition.  Their "warrant" included anything from day one to the last day of Trump's presidency.  How revealing is that?

It proves how colossally stupid Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and those who are Biden's brain are.  They are short-sighted and incompetent.  Apparently, not one of them considered the potential backlash of their Keystone Kops caper at Mar-a-Lago.  These people are not only incompetent; they are deluded.  They ignore obvious pitfalls.  According to Paul Sperry, many of the agents who invaded Mar-a-Lago were already under investigation by Durham.  The same agents who breached Mar-a-Lago participated in the Russia hoax.

The NeverTrump left has embarrassed itself over this past week.  Former CIA director Michael Hayden, he of the signers of that pathetic public statement claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was "Russian disinformation," suggested Trump be executed without doing a shred of research.  Former alleged historian Michael Beschloss too assumed that whatever the "raid" produced was akin to the Rosenbergs' crimes!  They were actual spies who passed vital atomic secrets to the Soviets. 

Trump is the most pro-America president since Reagan.  No one, not even a single Democrat, should believe that Donald Trump is guilty of any form of espionage.  Clinton, Bush, Obama?  Yeah...they each sold out their own country one way or another, but not Trump.  Everyone knows that.

This entire raid fiasco is just more proof that those who rise to power in this country are corrupt and drunk on power.  They are insulated, blinkered by their membership in the swamp, and totally clueless about how most Americans think, work, and strive to provide for their families.  The passage of the tragically misnamed "Inflation Reduction Act" is proof of their malice.  Eighty-seven thousand armed IRS agents can only mean one thing: police state.

Contrary to their agenda, most Americans still revere their freedom and their families, that provincial, politically incorrect institution that has been the foundation of Western civilization for thousands of years.  Our progressive left seeks to destroy that very institution.  They advocate abortion up to and after birth.  They aggressively promote gender "transition" even for very young children.  They are triggered by any mention of God or any religious belief except Islam.  Apparently, the rosary is now a dangerous symbol of "Christian nationalism."  Muslims are revered, and Christians and Jews are despised by our left today.  And because Trump is a nominal Christian, that is another reason they loathe him.  Judeo-Christian values have been canceled by the left.

No matter how hard they try, they will not destroy him because they cannot.  Their antics are only making him more revered.  The American people do recognize police state tactics when they see them.  For all his eccentricities, Trump is the real deal, the guy who is not afraid of the left's grip on the media and education, the man who truly has the nation's best interests at heart.  That is why they are willing to do anything, no matter how laughable, to destroy his candidacy in 2024.

These people are in alliance with far too many despicable RINO Republicans: Asa Hutchinson, Mitch McConnell, Dan Crenshaw, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, etc.  There are too many to list, disappointments all.  They have all essentially revealed themselves to be enemies of America, invested only in their own grip on power and access to wealth.  They are reprobate RINOs, so they stay silent as they see what the FBI and DOJ are doing to the former president. 

The raid on Trump's Florida home was egregious in every way — illegal, unconstitutional, foolish, and stupidly obvious in its intent.  Americans who have not already awakened to the devious anti-American, anti-human agenda of the WEF should be very aware and very afraid of what the left has in store for us all.  It's not at all in the best interests of our constitutional republic.  Their fervor to take Trump out is the clearest warning of all.

Do not fall for their scheme to make us all irrelevant.  We need to make them, the left and the useless Republicans, irrelevant.  Those of us who love America need to vote in every election, on Election Day, and pray our votes count despite the Democrats' profound, carefully constructed plan to cheat.

Graphic credit: Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0 license.

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