Tucker's back from vacation and breathing fire about the Mar-a-Lago raid

With ironically bad timing, Tucker Carlson was on vacation last week, a week that was filled with stories and analyses about the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Will Cain, Brian Kilmeade, and Tulsi Gabbard did a very good job substituting for him, but...well, they weren't Tucker.  What that meant was that Monday night was Tucker's first chance to comment on the raid, and he didn't disappoint.  Instead, he bravely called out the unconstitutional, un-American despotism that the Biden administration has shown since the moment Biden took that oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

The monologue began with Tucker noting that the Democrat party mouthpieces in the media kept offering new theories about the basis for the search as the old ones collapsed before actual logic.  Tucker carefully explained how ridiculous each excuse was.  I would have liked Tucker to have mentioned Trump's plenary power to declassify documents, but it turned out that Tucker was saving his air time for something more important.

What Tucker did was something brave, important, and necessary: he called out the Biden administration's open, illegal, and unconstitutional war against not only Trump, but anyone connected with Trump.  Giving extra power to that narrative, Tucker brought the receipts, reciting chapter and verse the way in which Trump's lawyers, colleagues, and employees have been harassed, humiliated, and persecuted through the Department of "Justice."

Image: Tucker Carlson.  YouTube screen grab.

If you're thinking, "Well, I'm not close to Trump, so I don't have to worry," Tucker reminded us that the Department of Justice is going after anyone who openly supports Trump.  He talked about the travails of Douglass Mackey, a Trump supporter who was arrested the moment Biden took the oath on election interference charges, which carry a ten-year prison sentence.  His crime: An obvious joke tweet in 2016 that told Hillary-supporters to vote by text.  The left-wing media lambasted Mackey as a "far-right" figure, and the DOJ bided its time until it had a Democrat in the White House, when it went in for the kill.

The attacks on Trump-supporters reached their apex, of course, with the January 6 witch hunt.  As Tucker notes, more than 900 people were arrested (many, as you recall, for "parading" in the Capitol with some of them never even having entered the Capitol).  Those poor saps thought that, if no one was arrested for destroying American cities in 2020, they could surely exercise their First Amendment rights to petition their government.  Please note, too, that there's very good evidence that, between unknown operatives and the welcoming Capitol police, many, even most, of these 900 had no idea they were trespassing.

Still, 50 of those 900 arrestees have already been sentenced to prison, and the DOJ has lined up another 500 cases.  Also, of course, dozens of people are in prison in D.C., without charges and without bail, a situation that blatantly violates multiple constitutional rights.

This Third World–style use of police power against political opponents, something hitherto unknown in America, comes from Biden, the man who campaigned by promising a return to normalcy.  If you remember, in his inaugural speech, Biden used some variation of the word "unity" eleven times.  I guess his use of that word parallels the Romans' use of the word "peace": "They make a desert and call it peace."

But enough of me.  Here's Tucker:

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