MSNBC attempts to defend FBI after Trump Mar-a-Lago raid

They say justice delayed is justice denied.  Similarly, the law applied selectively is also justice denied.  For any given action that is considered to be a violation of the law, the punishment should be equal, irrespective of who the perpetrator is.

The only countries where laws are applied selectively are totalitarian dictatorships; there you get away with murder if you are an ally of the regime, and if you are the regime's perceived enemy, you could be sent to prison for a prolonged period for not returning a book from a public library before the due date.

Last week's raid on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home made it amply clear that there is a two-tier justice system.

Back in 2015, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, had emailed classified government materials using her personal email address and conducted official business on an unsecured server housed in a bathroom of her home.  Despite being under federal subpoena, Hillary Clinton had "bleached" thousands of emails and destroyed her communication devices and records.  These are obvious federal felonies.

Did the FBI raid her home to confiscate the server?

Emphatically not!

Back in 2016, when the presidential campaign was at its crucial stage, then–FBI director James Comey reported that Clinton had broken the law.  However, he added that Clinton's violations weren't intentional; hence, there would be no indictments.

Comey was the FBI director, yet he assumed the role of investigator and prosecutor.  Obama's attorney general Loretta Lynch's silence indicated that she approved of Comey's actions.  It was also revealed that the A.G. had secretly met with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac. 

Has Comey always been this lenient?

The very same Comey revealed that he sent agent Peter Strzok on a preplanned mission to trap national security adviser Michael Flynn in hopes of finding Flynn in violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law that has never been prosecuted successfully.  Flynn was fired for lying to the vice president and the FBI.  He was subjected to a prolonged legal nightmare

In the end, Flynn, who is a patriot, was vilified and bankrupted by legal fees.  His crime?  Challenging the status quo and attempting to drain the swamp.  Flynn's lawyer Sidney Powell revealed that Flynn had intended to audit the intelligence agencies as Trump's national security adviser.  Hence, he was stopped.

The Mar-a-Lago raid was the coup de grâce that cemented the FBI's reputation as a rogue and deeply politicized agency. 

The FBI's reputation desperately needed to be salvaged.

So whom do they get to mend the FBI's reputation?  Former FBI counterintelligence deputy assistant director Peter Strzok.  

The same Strzok who was the FBI's head investigator into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's private email server.  Both of which were driven by political bias.

Strzok had no compunction trapping General Flynn, which led to his myriad hardships.  Strzok bragged to his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, via text that they "won't allow" Trump to get elected, and if Trump did win in 2016, they had an "insurance policy." 

By "insurance policy," Strzok was referring to the myriad Kafkaesque investigations that would be launched to force Trump out of office, to prevent him from implementing his agenda, and to destroy his reputation.  They opened numerous gratuitous investigations on myriad fronts, and the raid is part of the insurance policy.

Strzok unwittingly revealed the mindset of the FBI leadership.  Anybody who dares to contemplate challenging or reforming the nation's premier law enforcement agency will be tormented for life.  Even if nothing is found, the process becomes the equivalent of a punishment.

Strzok was ultimately fired from the agency, not for going rogue or being partisan, but because his mentality became public.  There must be many rogue agents who have engaged in similar exchanges or have done worse but they do it discreetly without being recorded.

Yes, Strzok is the man MSNBC summoned in an attempt to restore the reputation of the FBI.

Strzok told Joe Scarborough that Trump "has spent his entire adult life living on the margins of the law, pushing up to the edge, seeing what he can get away with and then pushing a step or two beyond that," and "here comes a point where no man is above the law."

Strzok was a rogue agent who operated on the wrong side of the law, pushing up to the edge, seeing what he can get away with.  Yet he had no hesitation accusing Trump of doing the very same.

Strzok added the following:

There comes a point that there are things that you do if you are holding these highly, highly classified documents ... that if they fell into the hands of an unauthorized party, let alone a Russian intelligence officer, a Chinese intelligence officer, would cause massive damage to the national security.

Did Strzok forget that Mar-a-Lago is guarded by the Secret Service and that it isn't Eric Swalwell's bedroom, which agents of adversarial foreign powers frequent?

Absolutely the American public should trust what the FBI is doing, It's not that the FBI is targeting any one side or the other. What you see is the FBI going out on a day-in, day-out basis objectively investigating allegations of law.

Strzok told co-host Joe Scarborough that it was "funny" there was "no outrage" from Republicans when he was working at the agency as he and his colleagues used search warrants and combed through former secretary of state Hillary Clinton's emails.

Strzok complained that there is "a one-sided narrative that has been developed and amplified, particularly by President Trump, going back to 2015 and 2016."

Did Strzok forget that Comey cleared Hillary despite ample proof of violations while he tormented Trump without any reason?

They say the self-righteous seldom have self-awareness.  It is funny that neither MSNBC's bookers for Morning Joe nor Strzok had any comprehension of how ironic his presence was.

Strzok's  presence on MSNBC to defend the FBI's reputation provides a fascinating insight into the Democrat ecosystem and their ties to the Deep State.

The only qualification to be a part of this ecosystem is that you have to be a vicious far-left partisan.  You can go to any extent to go after those who do not subscribe to your groupthink.

If you go too far and you are sacked, there is no need to worry.  The ecosystem will facilitate another lucrative assignment.

The very same happened to Andrew McCabe, who became acting FBI director after Comey was fired by Trump.

McCabe oversaw the email investigation that exonerated Hillary Clinton — at the very time his wife was running for office in Virginia, aided by funding from a political action committee with ties to the Clintons.  McCabe purportedly discussed wearing a wire while meeting Trump, in hopes of recording embarrassing private conversations that would help convince the cabinet to remove him under the 25th Amendment.  McCabe was fired by Trump.

Yet McCabe is a pundit on CNN.

Irrespective of whether one is a true believer or not, being liberal is certainly a lucrative career choice; it is also a safe choice, and there is seldom any punishment or accountability.  You can do as you please as long as it is for the "greater good."

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