They're still dropping like flies

I imagine that a lot of people are feeling betrayed right now.  They followed "the science" and got injected with a biologic that has caused, for many, some serious side-effects.  Stuff like myocarditis, fertility and menstrual changes, even a rise in cancer, and our newly discovered "sudden adult death syndrome."  The actuarial data prove a sharp increase in the death rate that corresponds closely with the increase in "vaccination."  People got COVID shots and, despite assurances of safety, at least one in ten suffered or died from them.  Now the "vaccinated" are getting COVID despite the shots.  In fact, in our hyper-vaccinated California neighborhood, almost everyone I know who got his shots has had COVID by now, some more than once.

Today, I emailed someone in New York, only to find he had COVID.  I took my wedding ring to be re-sized a couple of weeks ago and found out that the whole staff of the shop (except the elderly, unvaccinated owner) was out with COVID.  My friend's daughter just got married, and ten people got COVID at the rehearsal dinner — an entire table, every diner, all close family and, of course, all vaccinated.  Roaming our neighborhood, lots of other dog-walkers say they are "just getting over" COVID.  They wear masks, keep their distance, complain of tiredness, and tell me that "at least they were vaccinated, so they didn't get too sick."

Joe Biden has just had COVID and relapsed after taking Paxlovid.  He is one of the ultra-vaccinated — double-boosted.  The virus is becoming as common as the common cold, it seems.  The secret nobody dares speak aloud is that, if one took the shots, having had the virus doesn't confer immunity.  Instead, the stuff reduces your body's ability to fight off infection, as knowledgeable virologists predicted.

Funny thing, that.  You trusted your government to tell you the truth.  You didn't listen to idiots like me, who repeatedly begged family and friends not to get the shots.  You proudly showed your "vaccine passports" to dine in a restaurant.  You wore your useless face diaper.  And still, you got COVID.

Yesterday I ran into old students of mine at the farmers' markets.  He had an N95 mashed tight into his prolific beard, and she, also tightly masked, hung back and didn't engage.  With an ultra-muffled voice, he said, "We haven't been coming here until recently."

At this point, there is enough literature out there, enough studies and factual pieces, to prove that countries that didn't get lots of the vaccine had their COVID experience end far faster, and with much less death.  Countries that used ivermectin and HCQ routinely for stuff like dengue fever didn't get much COVID at all.  Countries that locked down tight and forced everyone to mask, vaccinate, stay home, fared worst.  But sheeple being sheeple, there are still some doubters out there.

Image: Lining up for vaccine.

All I can say is, anecdotally, I know plenty of people who got all their shots and had bad reactions to them, from anaphylactic shock to shingles.  I can't prove that any of the people I know who got virulent cancers and subsequently died got those cancers (or recurrences) from the vaccine, but I have strong suspicions.  If one has a check-up and is securely in long-term remission, then gets vaccinated and is dead from the cancer a month or so later, it speaks to me.  That, I have seen.  I can't prove that miscarriages occurred because of the vaccine, but I suspect so.  All you need to do is look at the rapidly declining birth rate to have that suspicion verified statistically.

Bottom line: The vaccine hasn't kept anyone from getting COVID.  It hasn't been proven to make symptoms less severe, despite that being the base rationale for believing in taking the stuff.  It has caused significantly more problems and deaths than it has prevented.

Masks, as well, haven't proven to be effective in stopping the virus.  They can cause more problems than they solve — my own six-month battle with a virulent stye is one example.  Foegen's effect is real: viruses are driven deeper into the bronchi with mask use.  Particulate matter from masks does get into the lungs.  A study linked in the article I linked above concludes (emphasis mine):

While no cause-effect conclusions could be inferred from this observational analysis, the lack of negative correlations between mask usage and COVID-19 cases and deaths suggest that the widespread use of masks at a time when an effective intervention was most needed, i.e., during the strong 2020-2021 autumn-winter peak, was not able to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Moreover, the moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe also suggests that the universal use of masks may have had harmful unintended consequences.

I have one prescription for the COVID pandemic: go back to normal life.  Live healthily; lose some weight if you need to; eat fresh, healthy food.  Get enough sleep.  Make sure your vitamin D levels are good.  Take a bit of zinc, too.  Treat yourself kindly, but live your life.  If you get COVID, treat it — with things that work (like ivermectin) not with Paxlovid, especially if you are vaccinated.  All that stuff appears to do is suppress the virus temporarily.  Look at Biden as an example.

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