The enigma that could be Trump

Will Trump run again for president in 2024?  Nobody really knows.  My advice to him would be to keep 'em guessing.  When asked directly if he's planning to be a candidate, he should steal a line from Jesus and reply with: "You say that I am."  After all, he's already accomplished his take the widespread anger toward a corrupt and incompetent political establishment and bring it into focus.  "The D.C. swamp" is now a permanent entry in the political lexicon.

I would further advise President Trump to maintain positive and harmonious relations with the other possible nominees, such as DeSantis, Noem, Pompeo, and Haley.  Let the Democrats lurch into fratricide due to the poison pill of Biden's crippled incumbency, along with the frightening specter of his continuing eligibility.  California's Governor Hair Gel is certainly showing lots of ankle toward wanting the nomination.  Harris should be considered, at least by default.  Hillary is tan and rested and yearning to see how history repeats itself.  And then there's my personal favorite: Beto.  He's youthful and stupid...just like the remaining Democrat base.

Delving into context, the upcoming Wyoming primary will likely send a frightening message to Trump's enemies within the GOP.  Then November's midterms may well put the Republicans back in control of Congress, but the majority won't be anywhere near veto-proof.  Thus, Biden will be compelled to repeatedly thwart the will of the people in order to satisfy his handlers.

And then what of Trump himself?  He's even older than me.  Point of fact: He changed the Republican Party — rather, the dogged opposition to modern, gooey socialism — once and for all.  Let someone else with a longer time horizon continue.

The mold has been formed.  The task is now to find suitable material to be cast into the next generation of dragon-slayers and thus to pass the torch.  There seems to be an adequate supply of talent, especially when compared to the Democrats' feeble bench.  The selection process still has two years to run, which, unfortunately, is an eternity in politics.  But, more fundamentally, America has been changed.  Even though the left, by seizing academia, has turned out a swarm of useful idiots, the school of hard knocks has converted many into commonsense pragmatists, along with the rest of us.

Bottom line: We Americans are particularly covetous of our standard of living.  We also all want to protect and preserve our natural environment.  But when misery is widely broadcast because of a pseudo-scientific hoax, we seriously want to punish the craven demagogues who are responsible.  It's certainly far from a done deal.  Every flood and drought or any other newsworthy weather event is reported as further empirical proof of human depravity, and the compelling need for a more totalitarian form of government.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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