The short and sweet strategy for securing elections

If I can hear voter fraud alarm bells, why are there crickets from Republicans?  Have they not learned their lesson?  Democrats are also strangely silent about securing the vote, which means we should pay attention.  God alone knows what fresh hell they will unleash to prevent a Red Wave in November and a Trump win in 2024.

It seems that Republicans have little stomach for solutions that might actually ensure a fraud-free election.  In fact, they seem to be ignoring the fraud issue as though 2020 never happened.  Worse, they seem to utterly lack a cohesive conservative strategy for winning and governing.  This is unforgivable.  What do these people think they got elected for?

The vote fraud issue cannot wait.  Republicans, if they even have it in them, must stop being reactive instead of proactive.  The genius king of proactivity, Governor Ron DeSantis, anticipates problems and their solutions before they get out of hand.  Republicans need to take a page from his book and act today, not tomorrow when it's too late.

Our vote is all we have left.  If the November Red Wave is to happen without chaos, some things must happen now.  Here is the 8-point short version of what must be done.  (To see the long version, see the articles linked above.)

  1. One voting day: No votes counted after midnight.
  2. Back to paper ballots.
  3. No stopping or slowing of the vote count.  To that end, there will be monitors at every polling station and enough counters to make it happen.
  4. No mail-in ballots except for those who apply in advance, in writing, to get one.
  5. Voter ID.
  6. By law, no "calling" of any election by the media until after midnight.
  7. Polling places must be secured by law enforcement against violence or disruption.
  8. Military personnel must mail their ballots three weeks before voting day to ensure that they are counted on time.

There is a cultural aspect to why the left is so active regarding the vote and the right isn't.

Just yesterday, Dan Bongino played an audio clip of a naïve young American Marxist saying he shouldn't have to work, that he should just be given stuff.  Gimme stuff is the progressives' rallying cry, so they have no investment in getting that stuff by making their own lives better through purpose — e.g., raising families and working.  They have nothing to preserve and protect, so they find their callow meaning in protesting, violence, and being part of a socialist movement.

Working for the American dream is not in the progressive calculus.  Progressives are successful at being unsuccessful, but that worldview makes them throw caution to the wind.  This holds true with elections: the unemployed and unemployable left, never risk-averse, have infiltrated the vote-counting process, which is where elections matter.

By contrast, Republicans tend to work and raise families, creating something they want to protect.  They will more often than not avoid risks such as protesting and engaging in violence.  This chasm between worldviews is exploited by those who enjoy their private jets, luxury lodging at Davos, and a voice at the table.  They live to resurrect the golden age of Germany's murderous apogee, supplying billions of dollars to discontented protesters and to those who will do violence.  These globalists are poised to light the fuse without a single insouciant look back.

Understanding this purpose/purposeless worldview difference is necessary in understanding how election fraud gets such a firm toe-hold and how it can be prevented.  From the left's vantage point, nothing is too outrageous, too risky, to prevent Republicans from winning in November and beyond.  They will burn it to the ground to win and never have a pang of conscience.  Republicans want peace and tranquility, believing in their naïveté that such an approach still works.

Now is the time to call our representatives and ask what is being done to secure November's election.  Twenty twenty was our most recent "never again" moment.  We would be fools — no, damned fools — to let it happen again just because we were not proactively paying attention.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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