If you want fraud-free elections, we need to start making changes right now

We know that Democrats and the media (who still claim that no voter fraud of consequence took place in 2020) will try to cheat in November.  In light of this, there is no excuse for not acting right now to avoid fraudulent voting and vote-counting as much as is possible.  The wheels of legislation can grind exceedingly slowly, so fixing this must begin today.

A relatively fraud-free election can happen in November.  GOP legislators and GOP voters, as well as the rest of the country, will suffer enormously if our Congress people do nothing today to prevent another fiasco like 2020.  Waiting is not an option.  Trying to fix problems after the election did not work.  This time, we will have to head off problems ahead of the election.

In view of the deep corruption in American politics, here is how we can fix this right now with advance planning.

  • Above all, make a law saying that all ballots must be counted by midnight on election evening.  Any votes "found" after midnight, without exception, will not be counted.  Period.
  • Any unexplained stopping of the vote count will be punishable by imprisonment.  In case of a technical problem where votes in a state/city cannot be reported, they will be hand-counted using a paper-backup printout.  After midnight, no votes shall be counted.
  • To avoid vote-counters running out the clock and neglecting to count ballots for the candidate they want to lose, severe criminal penalties will be imposed on any jurisdiction that fails to count all the votes by midnight.  The excuse of not having hired enough vote-counters will not be valid.
  • Go back to paper ballots: voting machines have several ways votes can easily be manipulated.  An algorithm can be programmed to create two Democrat votes for every Republican vote cast, for example.
  • Paper ballots must have signatures that match those on another official document, the address must match that on the driver's license, and the ballot must be uniform from state to state.  Include a watermark if necessary.  If we can afford to send millions of dollars to Ukraine, we can afford to secure honest elections here at home.
  • Implement voter ID.  Black people are not stupid; they can get an ID easily, and they know how to find the elections offices to do so, so the accusation of disenfranchisement or racism will not stand.
  • Voters must show up in person.  If they cannot, their ballot must be delivered by certified mail in advance of voting day.  If people must have a certified mail receipt to guarantee the delivery of certain packages or registered mail items, they can do the same with their vote.
  • A public service TV ad on all stations telling shut-ins how to vote will be broadcast for two months prior to all elections.  No one's vote will be denied.
  • Eliminate mail-in ballots except for the military, whose votes could possibly be delayed.  Those votes must be counted by midnight on voting night, which means they need to be cast earlier than voting day.
  • Anyone who wants to vote and suspects that his vote will arrive later than voting day must make allowances for delays.  Late votes will not be counted.

Americans have been making a mistake in thinking their vote is always secure and that their votes will always matter.  We know too much now, and we cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.  We need considerably more forethought and vigilance before November; these problems need fixing now, before the election.  We will have learned nothing if we wait until after November's election to attempt to rectify the fraud problem.  Let's not be stupid again.  Democrats are relying on the placidity of Republicans who are not used to fighting back.

Why have no Republican legislators done anything substantive about this to date?  We have had a year and a half to fix this, and nothing of consequence has been done.  Let's bring a legislative gun, not a pea-shooter to this fight today — not tomorrow, when it will be too late.

Image: tom.arthur via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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