The alleged wannabe Kavanaugh assassin wasn't just an ordinary guy

When Nicholas Roske learned that Roe v. Wade might be overturned, he grabbed a kidnapping and murder kit and headed over to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's house, hoping to make Kavanaugh the first in a trio of Supreme Court justice killings.  Thankfully, even though federal and state law enforcement did almost nothing (despite laws on the books) to protect justices from protests at their houses (a perfect cover for Roske), Roske was caught in time.  Now we're learning that Roske isn't just another crazy leftist; he's a crazy leftist who also thinks he's a woman.

Andy Ngo got hold of the Court documents in which Roske identifies as a woman named "Sophie":

In the above documents, Roske identifies himself as an "MtF" named Sophie — that is, a Male to Female transgender.  Pathetically, he seeks a female "cuddle" friend because, despite being a "female," he's unable to create sexual friendships with men.  Also, quite unsurprisingly, he says he's "420 friendly," which means he's a pot user.  Pot is increasingly associated with psychotic criminality of the type you'd see in a man who thinks he's a woman and who announces that "I am shooting for 3" Supreme Court justices to "remove" from the Supreme Court.

There is something very wrong with too many of our young people.  They are raised in a world without moral anchors because traditional values, which are fixed, have been replaced with virtue-signaling and wokeness, which are constantly moving targets.

Image: Nicholas Roske, a sweet-faced kid (cropped).  Twitter screen grab.

They are raised in a world of rampant pot abuse, even though pot is a very dangerous drug for developing minds.  Many of them, especially boys, are put on medicines for "hyperactivity," which used to be called "boy energy" and was addressed with hard physical play of the kind too many schools now ban.  Lots of the boys also end up on antidepressants when their energy and competitiveness are deemed toxic.

These kids are also raised in a world in which the media, rather than purveying information, sells anger and hysteria.  And most profoundly, they are raised in a world in which they are encouraged to deny their own bodies.  A normal young man does not think he's a woman named Sophie.  A mentally damaged young man does.  This type of disassociation is perfect for the development of a cult mindset.

It seems that Roske comes from an intact family, but in today's world, even the bulwark of family may not be sufficient to protect kids against the irrational demands society places upon them.

Our children need less screen time, more physical activity, more moral values, more intact homes, less gender madness, and fewer prescription and illicit drugs — and that's just the beginning.  But as long as we pretend that everything is normal, there are going to be more pathetic Nicholas "Sophie" Roskes who try to find meaning in their lives through murder.

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