Sure enough, Goya earnings soared as company CEO rejected wokester mau-mauing

Get woke, go broke.

We've seen it again as wokester efforts in company after company cut into corporate bottom lines — Gillette, Disney, the NBA — they get woke and eventually go broke.

But for Goya Foods, its opposite is completely true, according to a new study — reject the woke mob and all its wokester demands, and take it to the bank.

Here's the backstory, according to Legal Insurrection:

Back in July 2020, Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue came under fire from The Usual Suspects after he dared to praise then-President Donald Trump during a White House event announcing a "Hispanic Prosperity Initiative" that would, according to the Executive Order, "improve Hispanic Americans' access to educational and economic opportunities."

During his remarks, Unanue told the crowd of Hispanic business leaders and politicians, "We're all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder."

"And that's what my grandfather did: He came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper," Unanue continued. "And so we have an incredible builder. And we pray — we pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper and to grow."

For this, Unanue received notice from Democrat politicos and self-important liberal celebrities alike that they were on the march to cancel him and his company after nearly 85 years of service to the Hispanic community.

But no matter how loud the calls to boycott got, Unanue remained undaunted, telling Fox News in an interview a few days after the calls started that he would not back down.

"Hell no. Hell no," he told Laura Ingraham when pressed on if he would apologize for standing with Trump.

Unamue wouldn't back down even as radical leftists announced a boycott of Goya products, and grandstanders such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ex-rep. Julian Castro, and TV personality Chrissy Teigen loudly announced that they'd never buy Goya products again, and wanted all their social media followers to do the same.  For lots of corporations, that's something to send shivers, given their large internet followers.  But not Bob Unamue, who stood firm in refusing to back down in his praise for President Trump.  While he refused that, and the wokester screams grew louder, the backing down started happening on the wokester side of things: Teigen got caught crawling back and using Goya products again after her grand foofaraw about her boycott.

That's why a new study from Cornell University found that Goya's profit margins went up, not down, when the controversy hit.

According to Legal Insurrection, the study found:

Analyzing purchasing data from market research company Numerator, they found that Goya's net sales rose by about 22% during the two weeks after the controversy erupted. The researchers also examined county-level election results from the 2020 presidential season and saw that sales rose far more in Republican-dominated counties than in Democratic counties.

While the sales jump in Republican areas may have reflected the general publicity surrounding Goya, it more likely showed purchases by politically motivated first-time Goya buyers supporting Unanue's pro-Republican message, Liaukonytė said.

In Democratic-dominated counties, where the Goya brand has traditionally been more popular than in Republican areas, sales also temporarily increased despite the push to boycott, the researchers found. Boycotters in heavily Democratic counties were overshadowed by buycotters, who drove a slight short-term increase in spending on Goya products.

Cripes, their sales went up even in left-wing areas, never mind all the brand new customers on the right.

Anecdotally, there were signs it was going to happen like this:

Americans who are sick of cancel culture mobs also sprang into action, with support pouring in for Unanue and the Goya Foods brand. Not only did Goya's Facebook page gain over 100,000 new followers in a 24-hour timeframe after the outrage erupted, but more people pledged to #BuyGoya and acted accordingly:

Get unwoke, and watch those profits smoke.

Unamue, as I've written earlier, has been through these boycott threats before, and every time they happened, the company's sales went up.  He knows these leftist clowns and their effect on Goya's bottom line.  After all, if a recognizably stupid idiot is saying not to buy your product, maybe that serves as a counterindicator to sensible customers who know enough to take that as a cue to do the exact opposite.

From a practical standpoint, it made sense, too.  A few months ago, I ordered The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook off the Instapundit site, which necessitated buying a lot of Mediterranean specialties for its abundant recipes.  The authors, who call themselves America's Test Kitchen and have a reportedly hit TV show, firmly recommended the use of Goya products in the book for the best results among many of the dishes.  So I became a buyer of Goya products myself and compared them to others, and yes, Goya does have a superior product.  If cooking well is your goal, and you're going to spend an hour or two on cooking these recipes, then, well, you use the best, which naturally brings you to Goya Foods.  One of their olive oils, available in local ethnic markets, won a top international prize for quality.

It helps that Goya has an excellent product.

But more to the point, it helps that it has a CEO who knows caca from shinola, who recognizes bee ess when he sees it, and doesn't fall into the traps set by the ridiculous ranks of woke.  He refused to cave, on the Andrew Breitbart dictum of "apologize for what?," and has now found himself crying all the way to the bank.

Not too long ago, Trader Joe's caved in to a wokester's demands to take the cutesy ethnic names of products, such as "Trader Jose's," off those products as ethnically insensitive.  They caved immediately to the wokester demands — until they found out that it was just an unhinged high-schooler acting alone who was making the demands.  I am not sure if they caved or not, but I am seeing fewer of those cutesy names in their frozen food aisles, as if the company has been chastised.

Unamue knows a lot about human nature, it seems, which is why his company has grown so significantly on his watch.  One of his most important warnings to Democrats has been that their raging "hatred and destruction" is driving Latino voters to President Trump. 

Maybe they can take that as a clue from someone who knows what he's doing, assuming they're interested in turning a profit.

But of course, they won't.

Hat tip: Instapundit.

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