Stopping the Chinese Communist Party gravy train to Hell

Senator Tom Cotton, from that wonderful state that gave us Bill Clinton, is proposing that we ban Communist China from purchasing land and real estate in America.

Whether he is virtue-signaling or sincere, I think Senator Cotton is on the right track.  We need to go much farther.  We should also ban American politicians from being bought by Communist China or any other foreign power.  American politicians should represent the citizens of their districts or states and no one else!

Jesus said we cannot serve two masters.  Our president, for example, who comes from Delaware, earns $400K/yr from the USA.  The NY Post reports that his family has collected $31M from the communists in China.  When people criticize China, he responds, "They're not bad folks."  Speaker Pelosi, who also has financial ties to China, calls China "one of the freest societies in the world."  Do you see how Chinese money confuses and distracts prominent American politicians from clear thinking?

We need the soundest possible analysis from our politicians in 2022.  While most of them don't want to see China as our biggest adversary, the reality is that the Chinese communists have played us like a fiddle since the days of Nixon and Kissinger.  They hate us and want to replace us as the most powerful nation on Earth.

The tiny little problem with my excellent plan is that Congress makes the laws of our land.  Many, and I do mean many, of the politicians in Washington are currently taking money from China.  They saw crooked Bill Clinton take Chinese money to make CCP missiles fly straight in the 1990s.

Image: Flying money by pxfuel.  Hands by nakaridore.

When they saw Clinton get away with taking treasonous bribes, they reckoned they should join the party.  Clinton has shown many in Washington how to get rich by selling out the United States of America.  In Washington, this is called smart politics.  Out in the hinterlands where I live, it walks like treason, sounds like treason, and looks like treason.

Stopping the treasonous gravy train will not be easy.  Under normal circumstances, we would look to journalists to expose this, but leftist journalists are no longer in the truth-telling business.  We could write our senators and members of Congress, but if you check their wallets, you might see money bearing the image of Chairman Mao.  Can we expect them to vote for our interests and against their ill-gotten gains?  Our best strategy is to pray, repent, and collectively demand change.

The Chinese infiltration into America is much more pervasive than Senator Cotton imagines.  Nixon and Kissinger may have had good intentions when they began to play footsie with China long ago, but that doesn't look so good in the rearview mirror.  Didn't someone once say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"?

Ned Cosby, a regular contributor to American Thinker, is a pastor, veteran Coast Guard officer, and a retired career public high school teacher.  His newest novel OUTCRY is a love story exposing the refusal of Christian leaders to report and discipline clergy who sexually abuse our young people.  This work of fiction addresses crimes that are all too real. Cosby has also written RECOLLECTIONS FROM MY FATHER'S HOUSE, tracing his own odyssey from 1954 to the present.  For more info, visit Ned Cosby.

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