Pro-freedom wins lead to heightened animus against President Trump

The pro-freedom right is winning, and President Trump is taking the heat.

The character of anti-liberty leftists is one of authoritarian fascism — their actions against President Trump being merely a hint of what they will do to the rest of us if they stay in power.

The past few days have been a fascinating and frightening glimpse into the growing authoritarian fascist tendencies of the nation's socialist, anti-liberty left.

We've been digesting the stories coming from the pro-freedom media as well the effluvium from the other side of the spectrum.  You would like to think that eventually, they will tone down all the projection since it's their side going all Orwellian and oppressive, but you would be wrong.

Just remember: the same people who harassed President Trump with the "Russia collusion" hoax suddenly flipped and decided that election interference was a "conspiracy theory" — once it came from their side of the political aisle.  You aren't allowed to question the results of an election with a Democrat victory, no matter how many mules there are.  But if the Republicans win, you can do it all day long.  Anti-liberty leftists proudly wear the badge of a hypocrite.  It's in their DNA — Democrat National Authoritarianism.  It makes them who they are.

But consider something we've mentioned and that has been pointed out by others here:

First, conservatives must stop referring to Democrats as "liberals." The word's root is the Latin liberalis or "of freedom." Today's Democrats are statists, which is the antithesis of freedom. Their values are firmly rooted in Marxism, a hard-left, totalitarian ideology. Don't give them the false virtue of being "liberals." As you see, I call them "leftists" every time.

Ask yourself, would someone who styles himself as a champion of liberty — i.e., a liberal — be in favor of heavy-handed authoritarianism?  By definition, a political liberal would not support egregious violations over what seems to be a non-criminal dispute over documents, nor would he endlessly gloat about a weaponized justice system.

One of the two themes in the far-left propaganda organs these days seeks to prop up Biden's flagging fortunes: Biden is suddenly "piling up wins"; Biden begins his "victory lap"; Biden is "on a roll"; and Biden's "hot streak."  Isn't that curious, how the leftist media machine suddenly decides to write the same story simultaneously?

The other is that these "liberals" have been in a perpetual gloat fest over the Mar-a-Lago raid (examples herehere, and here).  They arrogantly revel in the decay of the rule of law, applauding the weaponized institutions against political rivals.  Note that we're using the word "raid" because MSNBC demanded censorship of the term.

So, how could people who supposedly champion liberty cheer on an oppressive regime?  These are the same people who want to censor free speech and your unalienable right to self-defense.

Even worse than this, the nation's socialist media are openly lying, with screeds entitled "Historians privately warn Biden that America's democracy is teetering," with choice quotations such as the following:

Wilentz, prizewinning author of "The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln," has also voiced alarm in recent months about the state of the country. "We're on the verge of what Hamilton in 'The Federalist' called government by brute force[.]"

That's an interesting phrase, given the events over the past few days — "government by brute force."  Could that be referring to the heavy-handed weaponization of government bureaucracies by the nation's anti-liberty socialist left?  Such as the Mar-a-Lago raid?  Could that be referring to the desire of the alleged "Democratic" Party to hire 87,000 more IRS employees to go full beast mode on the people?

No, that was referring to a one-time three-hour, truly mostly peaceful protest that took place over a year and a half ago.  That's something the anti-liberty left hasn't stopped talking about since, because they have nothing else to complain about.  So much for Republicans being the "threat" to democracy.

Make no mistake: the people who only pretend to be liberal are the biggest threat to everyone — they just scream their projections to drown out anyone talking about it.  What is happening to President Trump is only a taste of what will happen to everyone else if we don't win in November.

D. Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization, and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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