Did the FBI jump the tarantula?

When the government fails to secure unalienable rights, it no longer has authority to govern.

Most of the media talk is about the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago, another attack that will live in infamy if liberty-loving Americans have anything to say about it.  The raid by the FBI is an unprecedented and audacious breach of the rule of law and political ethics.  It is a transparent and partisan act of sheer hatred for Trump and for conservatives, and it may be the single act that heretofore turns complacent Americans on both sides of the aisle against the Democrat party for life.  The FBI's and the Democrat party's radical agenda of polarization with no room for neutrality is a fatal miscalculation.

The left's fear of Trump and his MAGA followers is palpable and is now visible for all to see.  What do they fear?  They fear the loss of control over the levers of power that shape the economy, the environment, education, entertainment, and the citizenry.  They fear the demise of the creeping and invasive woke culture that manipulates the emotions of hubristic, misguided Americans and racists.  Loss of control, the signature of ungodly pride, is the engine that drives the left — an engine powered by hate and sheer evil.

This insidious, freedom-crushing engine never works against the Clintons, the Obamas, Comey, Clapper, Wray, Garland, Waters, and the rest of the people who purport to believe in "democracy."  But the engine does seek out the meek, those who want peace, individual liberty, and a vibrant and prosperous hands-off free market.  Never one to stop making things worse, the collective left scrupulously avoids the real troublemakers and targets political enemies like Christians, conservatives, and libertarians.  Desire for freedom is the greatest sin to the domineering Democrats.

The FBI is, right now, the sleaziest, greasiest, slimiest of all the spidery arms of an oppressive government.  The IRS will not be far behind, making two powerful armies arrayed specifically against conservatives and Republicans.  There is a large cadre of American Stasi who would have no problem taking up arms against a defenseless populace — they are even advertising for it.  Having received predictable outrage from the public for the clearly militant ad, they deleted it a day later.  But the people have seen it and they know for whom it's intended.

The spidery arms of hostile governmental overreach and abuse of authority have reached far inside Mar-a-Lago and the election system.  It invades our homes, our businesses, our churches, and our government.  The hairy creepiness of the political persecution is showing, and we are horrified by how easily our constitutionally protected rights can be swept aside.  We have seen how the web of totalitarianism can ensnare the most law-abiding, the most patriotic, and the most honest people in the country with no concern for legality.  It is as though the entrenched bureaucrats from administrations past sit around in a dark, dank underground lair and with breathless giddiness plot to see how far they can go without accountability and repercussions.

Judicial Watch is on the case, which is always a good sign.  Yet many Americans, including Democrats, are just now awakening to the sticky, hairy beast that stalks their liberty.  Welcome to the party, late or no.

And now what?  As a start to the cleansing, perhaps it's time for governors and legislatures to forbid the presence of the FBI in their states, leaving law enforcement up to those who respect the rule of law — and I have just the State to begin the purge.

Image: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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