Opposing the elites

There is an independent streak in the American character.  It's in our DNA.  If we're abused too much or too long, it asserts itself like a force of nature.

We are reaching such a moment.  The raid on President Trump's home Monday is but the latest in a long train of abuses by leftist Democrats and their agents in the Deep State.

Americans will suffer the greed and illicit machinations of the political class while they are sufferable, as our forefathers pointed out in the Declaration of Independence.  But now, at this moment, we finally see that it is we ourselves who are threatened.  Corrupt political acts fully outside constitutional limits are occurring regularly, threatening the viability of our Republic.

As more than one pundit said after the early dawn raid by 30 agents with assault weapons, "if they can do this to a former president, just imagine what they can do to you."

It ultimately matters not which political party or politicians are responsible.  A line has been crossed.  We must now wake from our busyness and inattention to face up to what is happening in our country.  Two standards of justice must be ended.  Those who see themselves as our elite political masters must be removed from power.

Hunter Biden is left untouched by federal authorities.  Hillary Clinton, the biggest grifter of all, takes thousands of secret documents, destroys them, and lies about it repeatedly.  No raid, no charges, no arrest, no jail time.

Trump, on the other hand, was subject to the unprecedented, fake political witch hunt known as Russian collusion by Democrats and the forces of the Deep State for three years.  No truth in it and no crimes found.  Other Republicans have been harassed, awakened at gunpoint for minor stuff, handcuffed and carted off to jail.  One suffers over a year in solitary confinement.  The day after Mar-a-Lago raid, a Republican congressman and Trump political ally has his cell phone seized by the FBI while on vacation with his family.

Elected Democrats and their bureaucratic minions ignore our nation's immigration statutes and their sworn oaths to uphold the law.  Millions of illegals pour across our southern border; are handed free government cell phones; and, in the dark of night, are flown to distant cities.

Violent criminals are regularly put back on our already dangerous city streets without so much as a slap on the hand.  Soros's band of prosecutors refuse their duty to protect ordinary, law-abiding citizens.  Crime soars, and countless Americans and businesses are victimized by people who should be in jail.

Violent leftists rampage in our cities, set fires, and brutally attack innocent citizens and police but are treated as heroes by the media and left free and unfettered by the authorities to do it again and again.  When conservatives rise up against what they believe is a stolen presidential election, they are denounced as insurrectionists and hunted down by FBI SWAT teams who put them in shackles and throw them in jail without bond or charges — and many remain there today.

In the nation's public schools, our children are taught to despise our country, focus on its faults, and ignore its extraordinary history and accomplishments.  They teach that America is and has always been a racist country.

Children and adults, meanwhile, are lectured, harassed, or canceled for failing to use the "right" pronoun or believing in only two sexes.  Democrats assert that parents should be kept out of education.  At school board meetings, parents are shouted down, arrested, and labeled domestic terrorists by the Department of Justice.  FBI agents are called in on the orders of the nation's attorney general.

The president of the United States and his out-of-control leftist party effectively declared war on the country's critical energy industry, causing shortages and skyrocketing prices.  Big banks are coerced into not funding the oil industry.  We are told to drive expensive E.V.s, which the electric grid cannot support en masse.

COVID is used as an excuse for two years of government mandates and overreach at virtually every political level, closing businesses, schools, restaurants, and churches, even shutting down the economy for months and forcing people out of work if they won't comply with ever-changing shot rules.

Enough is enough.

Americans don't like bullies or the government telling people what to do and pushing them around.  They stand up for the little guy.  They don't take kindly to political overlords.  Once awakened, they have a forceful independent streak.

No, it is not time to take up arms.  But it is time to decide what we really believe in, side with the good versus the bad, and stop believing the mainstream media, which is now hopelessly partisan, little more than the publicity arm of the Democrat party.

We must pray for our nation, get involved personally, contact our elected officials when we see something we don't like, support the candidates who still believe in America — and vote as though our nation's survival depends on it!

Image: Eugene Delacroix.

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