Another leftist pushes the envelope to normalize pedophilia

Miranda Galbreath is a licensed professional counselor for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  In a two-minute video, she makes her case for regarding what she refers to as Minor-Attracted People (MAP) as the most vilified group of people in our society.  She maintains that these harmful views are a result of our incorrect (read: ignorant) assumptions about pedophilia, which is a term that should be banished for all its pejorative connotations.

Ms. Galbreath goes so far as to say that pedophilia has moved from being a diagnostic label to a hurtful, judgmental insult.  Really?  Where does she think the word comes from?  "Pedo," or the British "paedo," comes from the Greek "paidos," or "child," plus "philos," which is Greek for "loving."  Socrates was given hemlock for "corrupting" young boys, and Jesus famously said, "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin."  How does one say "pedophile" in Aramaic?

Ms. Galbreath says we all have many different parts of ourselves, including those who harbor sexual or romantic attractions to minors.  Are there not Murder-Attracted and Mayhem-Attracted MAPs out there, some of whom must certainly possess some redeeming qualities?  Why should we penalize psychopaths who act out their urges?

Why do we bother to baptize our children?  Among other reasons, we acknowledge the different parts of ourselves — that we are all born with evil as well as good within us, so we therefore wish to sanctify our infant with God's grace, knowing that the faith of a believing parent or spouse can have a great effect on a child.

More to the point, does this video represent a one-off view, or is it rather an opening salvo toward normalizing pedophilia in the public sphere?  Ushering pedophilia into the mainstream can only be seen as a logical objective of those who attempt to sexualize and groom young schoolchildren, those who encourage young children to choose their pronouns before they can blow their noses, and those who promote and allow pre-pubescent children to be subjected to sterilizing hormonal treatments.  It should come as no surprise that for the most part, parental knowledge or consent of these activities is actively discouraged.

We must not let a small minority of individuals overturn millennia of traditional morality just because that's what they want.  Children have plenty of opportunities to make their own mistakes without having adults poison their brains and bodies with disastrous, dangerous, and often irreversible "lifestyle choices."

Image: America News via YouTube.

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