The unbearable hypocrisy of the Democrats

Hypocrisy is intrinsic in modern politics; there is usually a wide chasm between the utterances and actions of politicians.

Citizens no longer expect the elimination of these dual standards.  At best, they hope their elected representatives are at least true believers and practitioners of the policies they advocate and the laws they pass.

We recently had a few instances of blatant hypocrisy.

Exhibit one is California governor Gavin Newsom.

Last week, the California governor's office released a statement that the governor was away from the office to spend time with his family.  There was no mention of the destination or the duration of the holiday.

It was impossible to fathom the purpose of this obfuscation.

Finally, after prodding from some sections of the press, the mystery unraveled.  It was revealed that Newsom was vacationing in Montana.

Why would he hide traveling to Montana?

Newsom previously banned taxpayer-funded trips to Montana and 21 other states for their "anti-LGBT" laws banning male athletes from competing in women's sports.  Newsom's office also slammed Montana for restricting abortion access.

Newsom was unwilling to share particulars about his vacation because he knew it would make his dual standards obvious, which would be politically perilous — especially considering the rumors that he may be running for president in 2024.

Exhibit Two is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AKA AOC.

AOC is the first female member of the Democratic Socialists of America elected to serve in Congress. 

During an interview on 60 Minutes in 2019, AOC suggested that the top marginal income tax rate should be as high as 70 percent, which would facilitate the funding of her "Green New Deal" that aims to curb America's carbon emissions.

So does socialist AOC pay all her taxes and make generous donations to various charitable organizations to redistribute her personal wealth?

The Washington Examiner revealed the existence of a New York state tax warrant filed against AOC's defunct business.

On July 6, 2017, New York state filed a tax warrant against Brook Avenue Press, a children-focused publishing firm founded by AOC in 2012 to collect $1,618 in unpaid corporate taxes.

AOC hasn't paid any overdue corporate taxes, causing the current balance of the tax warrant to swell by 52% to $2,461 with interest charges.

AOC claimed that she learned of the tax warrant against her former business after she was sworn into Congress in January 2019.

AOC pledged to repay her delinquent corporate tax bill, but her office later claimed that the warrant was issued "in error" and that she was contesting the matter.

It's not clear whether AOC is still contesting the tax bill or if she intends to pay what her former business owes to the state.

AOC earns $174,000 before taxes from her congressional salary in the House of Representatives.  Paying $2,461 wouldn't actually drain her savings.  Yet she seems reluctant.  Clearly, AOC doesn't believe in paying her fair share in taxes.

But that wasn't the only display of hypocrisy on AOC's part.

Socialists claim to despise ostentatious displays and discrimination against the downtrodden.

Yet AOC had no qualms posing at the MET Gala, where tickets are priced at $35,000 per head and the working-class staff is compelled to suffocate under masks.  AOC wore a gown inscribed with "Tax the Rich" in bold red text.  It was a laughable attempt to conceal her hypocrisy.  The gala occurred mere yards from where the NYPD arrested protesters for "defunding the police" — a cause that AOC claims to support.

Back to the taxes.

The firm owned by AOC's MET Gala dress designer was hit with 15 state tax warrants since 2015, three of which were due to its failure to withhold income taxes totaling nearly $15,000 from its employees.

There are numerous other instances of blatant hypocrisy from contemporary Democrats.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, the Democrats ordered stringent lockdowns that hurt small businesses and cause unemployment in working-class communities while they themselves continued to receive their salaries while working from home.

Governor Newsom was photographed dining maskless with friends at a fancy Napa Valley restaurant, flouting his own coronavirus safety protocols.

The Democrats ordered mask mandates for all, including schoolchildren, but were seen maskless in their personal lives.  House speaker Pelosi attended the lavish wedding of billionaire oil heiress Ivy Getty without a mask.  AOC was spotted maskless at a restaurant in Miami Beach in Florida.

Top Democrats advocate defunding of the police when a protest in Washington, D.C. goes overboard, yet they have 24/7 police protection for themselves.

When BLM "activists" or abortion "protesters" engage in property destruction, arson, looting, and rioting, the Democrats downplay the violence, claiming that this is how democracy functions.  However, when protests by Trump-supporters for election integrity go overboard, it is branded a violent insurrection, and the might of the state is used to crush all involved.

They pledge to confiscate all guns from regular people but have armed bodyguards protecting them 24/7 both in their offices and their homes.  Quite often, taxpayer money funds this security.

The Democrats are against border walls but barricade Washington, D.C. after the January 6 protests and their private homes.

The Democrats claim to feel the pain of illegal migrants who enter the U.S. illegally.  But the resettlement of these migrants occurs only in working-class neighborhoods.  The result is the citizen sees wage reduction, potential job loss, infrastructural facilities overrun, a rise in crime, and erosion of culture.

The Democrats claim to care for the environment.  They pass environmental laws that make it difficult to run a small business and impose fines for environmental violations.  But they travel in private jets to climate conferences, despite it being known that private jets generally produce significantly more emissions per passenger than commercial flights.

Since their party's founding in 1829, the Democrats opposed every civil rights initiative.  They were proponents of slavery and segregation.  They founded the Ku Klux Klan.  Yet these Democrats brand Republicans as racists.

The Democrats claim to be feminists but support sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffery Epstein.  They also engage in victim-shaming.

The Democrats claim to despise capitalism but are eager to enjoy its fruits upon leaving office via high speaking fees and other lucrative deals to bolster their wealth.

When the Democrat hypocrisy is exposed, they resort to irrationality, knowing that their P.R. wing — i.e., mainstream media — will never ever hold them accountable.

It is astounding that these charlatans with their dubious records have the audacity to cast aspersions on their political opponents and their supporters.

The GOP isn't immune to hypocrisy, but the dual standards aren't as blatant.

The Democrats spend all their waking hours pretending to be passionate about the liberal agenda.  They link it to virtuousness and morality and claim their advocacy emanates from empathy.

When the political opponents challenge the rationale, the response is pejorative names ascribing bigotry and ignorance.

In their personal lives, their actions are always contrary to their words.  The Democrats clearly don't believe even slightly in their own agenda; there is no reason the citizen should, either.

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