The left is waging war on the word 'groomer'

Next to American Thinker, the best site on the internet has got to be Libs of TikTok.  Chaya Raichik, who created and curates it, brilliantly exposes the cultural extremes of the Democrat party, not by writing about those extremes, but by allowing leftists to state them in their own words.  It's largely through her efforts that Americans got a chance to see how teachers are working hard to sexualize America's children — or in other words, to "groom" them.  No wonder leftists are now cracking down on the word "groomer," although there's an irony in the fact that they claim that the word is anti-LGBTQ++.

Here is Raichik's own description of her now essential Twitter site:

It's a simple concept: Use their own words and actions to expose them. It works because this is the first time these people, who are living out their fantasies in their intolerant, liberal bubbles, have had to face reality. Under the account Libs of TikTok, I just repost what they've already posted themselves. It's like holding up a mirror. And it infuriates them.

When Floridians saw what was going on in their classrooms, they backed a bill that forbade teachers in K–3 classes from initiating any discussions about sexuality.  The left promptly began to speak of a "Don't Say Gay" bill, even though nothing in the bill forbids using the word "gay."  Conservatives countered by calling the bill the "anti-groomer bill."

Indeed, the word "groomer" has been showing up a lot lately.  It showed up in response to videos like this, in which self-described teachers boast about how they are sexualizing children or videos, showing drag queens and their fans doing their best to introduce hypersexualized parodies of women to young children:

It's important to understand that the word "groomer," a pejorative, refers to any adult who interacts with children in a way that prepares the children to engage in sexual activity with that adult.  It does not describe a specific type of sexuality (i.e., heterosexuality versus homosexuality), but instead discusses all situations in which adults sexualize children:

Nevertheless, leftists are now going after the word "groomer" because they claim it's an anti-LGBTQ+ slur:

Twitter, of course, is on board with the plan, having just tried suspending one Twitter user for daring to associate the word "groomer", groomers:

Of course, as smart people have pointed out, it's the left making the homophobic connection between groomers and the aggressive LGBTQ+ education crowd:

Other smart people note that the new groomer panic on the left isn't just homophobic (as in, leftists are equating pedophilia with homosexuality), but also baseless:

The biggest problem, though, for the people complaining about the "groomer" slur is that the facts sometimes align so perfectly with the stereotype.  Take, for example, the out and proud LGBTQ+ teacher who relentlessly pushed for a sexualized classroom environment, only to end up getting arrested for pedophilia:

As for me, I intend to continue using the word "groomer" in its traditional sense: an adult who is inappropriately sexual around a child in the hopes of inducing the child to welcome that adult's sexual advances — whether heterosexual or homosexual.  It's always wrong, no matter who's doing it.

Image: Teacher arrested for pedophile activity.  Twitter screen grab.

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