The transgender crowd smacks down a funny little lesbian joke

I have a theory that one of the strongest signs of good mental health is the ability to laugh at yourself.  It means that you are secure and unneurotic.  If my theory is true, it explains a whole lot about the so-called transgender crowd's hysterical hostility to any form of humor that touches them.  There is no joke too small or star too big for these insecure, dysfunctional people to challenge.  Over the last few days, they've targeted a single little lesbian joke and continued their ongoing war against Dave Chappelle.

On the one hand, it's not very nice to make jokes about transgender people, in the same way it's not nice to make jokes about any mentally ill people.  It feels like kicking someone when he, she, or it is down.  However, to the extent that transgender people have managed to leverage themselves into being the most untouchable, protected group in America, they totally demand being attacked via humor.  After all, humor is the only defense that "the little people" have against those in power.

With the transgender crowd, their war on humor is twofold.  They get to complain about it both as a victim class ("How dare you ridicule our bizarre beliefs and behaviors, you bullies?") and as the elite class ("How dare you challenge our societal power, you future prison fodder?").  It's a good gig and one I hope doesn't last long.

On Wednesday, Dave Chappelle, one of the most famous comedians in America, lost his venue because the transgender censors resent his refusal to put them in a special category marked "too precious to be the subject of my jokes":

Dave Chappelle was set to perform a stand-up comedy routine Wednesday night at First Avenue in Minneapolis, but the show was canceled at the last minute following backlash. Chappelle has been at the center of controversy over his Netflix program, "The Closer."

"The Dave Chappelle show tonight at First Avenue has been cancelled and is moving to the Varsity Theater," the announcement said.

The backlash revolved around Chappelle's willingness to make jokes about so-called transgender people.  Frankly, the jokes aren't that great, but, given the undeserved protected class accorded these people, any jokes are better than no jokes at all.  And so Chappelle, one of the most popular comics in America, got the boot from an a famous venue in Minneapolis.

Image: The joke by

Well, Chappelle is famous, so of course he's going to garner attention, right?  That wouldn't happen to just anybody, would it?  Oh, yes, it would.  A lesbian woman put up a little joke on her Twitter feed about the birth control discussion lesbians routinely have with their OBGYNs:

It's not much of a joke, but in a humor-starved era, it garnered almost 300,000 likes.  But more than that, it garnered hysterical hatred from the transgender crowd because lesbians can get each other pregnant — if one of those lesbians is a man who thinks he's a woman but hasn't had his dongle severed.  So this lady, rather than standing up for women against mentally ill (or merely opportunistic) men, groveled:

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion around definitions lately, let me spell it out in a way that avoids all confusion: human females have the biological plumbing that is associated with producing eggs, incubating babies, and nursing babies.  Human males have the biological plumbing that is associated with producing and implanting sperm.  Some females are very masculine in outlook and affect; some males are very feminine in outlook and affect.  No matter what, though, they remain biologically identifiable as men or women, male or female.  And that's no joke.

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