A White House MD becomes incoherent over 'COVID Kamala'

We are constantly assured that Kamala Harris works closely with Joe Biden.  They're a team, we're told, and she's ready to take over for him at a moment's notice.  That's why it was so funny watching Dr. Ashish Jha, who is the White House's coronavirus response coordinator, became absolutely incoherent when a dogged reporter asked him why Kamala Harris was out hugging people despite having been part of Biden's inner circle as he became ill.

This video needs no introduction (hat tip: Twitchy):

It was incredibly funny to watch Jha desperately try to avoid saying, "Yes, Kamala Harris totally violated the COVID protocols that we demand of ordinary Americans."  Or perhaps, "Yes, Kamala Harris has just proven herself to be the COVID equivalent of Typhoid Mary.  From here on out, just call her 'Covid Kamala.'"

Here, by the way, is Kamala's "cuddles moment" with the moderator, so you can see that the reporter was not exaggerating:

It's becoming increasingly clear to those Americans paying even a modicum of attention that we are now a country with two entirely different sets of rules.  One is for the ruling Democrat class, and the other is for everyone else.

This is certainly true when we're dealing with COVID, as we've seen with Gavin Newsom partying in Napa, Nancy Pelosi and Lori Lightfoot getting their hair done, Dianne Feinstein unmasked in an airport, and Biden potentially infecting a photographer.

Image: COVID Kamala. YouTube screen grab.

It's true with all sorts of other things as well.  We're being told to turn down the heat in the winter and the A/C in the summer because of climate change, but Barack Obama kept the White House at a sweltering temperature and now owns two coastal properties.  There's also the endless list of "we must suffer to be green" celebrities who take private jets everywhere, from John Kerry all the way down to Kylie Jenner.

The latest "one set of rules for me and another set for you" example is the incredibly punitive lawsuit against Steve Bannon for his refusing to appear before the improperly constituted House January 6 committee.  Rather than rehash the double-standard, I'll just let Tucker say what needs to be said:

Tucker is correct that a country cannot survive two such diametrically opposed standards, one for the "in" crowd and one for the disfavored crowd.  The Democrats, though, are feeling their oats.  And so COVID Kamala Harris, who could be crawling all over with the WuFlu virus, goes around hugging people while the rest of us must play by the rules.

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