Smart Democrats understand the big reasons behind the Supreme Court's decisions

Following the Supreme Court's recent rulings about guns, abortion, public prayer, and limits on the administrative state's ability to craft legislation, most Democrats have turned to hysteria, threats, and revolting racism.  They blame conservatives entirely for what's happening in America.  More thoughtful leftists, however, have looked inward and discovered what really happened: they went too far.

A gay man who goes by the name of "TinFoil" explicitly articulated this sense that the left pushed too hard and far.  He understands why Clarence Thomas used Dobbs's rejection of "substantive due process" to suggest that Obergefell (gay "marriage") is also on the chopping block.  (Because the text is a bit hard to read, I've transcribed it, and you can find it at the end of this post.)

The gist is that most gays and lesbians just wanted the right to get married and to live normal lives.  However, the activists kept pushing and pushing.  They tried to destroy bakers who didn't cater to them, they aggressively pushed Pride month, they silenced people in workplaces, and then they went after the children with transgenderism, drag queens, and teachers pushing porn.

As far as TinFoil is concerned, these pedophiles (his word for them) have tarred all lesbians and gays, leading to the pushback we're seeing now.  He announces that he and those who feel as he does aren't going to take it anymore.  They're going to be part of the pushback so that they, like everyone else in America, can embrace quiet, adult (not pedophilic) normalcy.

The tweet resonated with people, garnering almost 24,000 likes and almost 8,700 retweets.  Twitchy rounded up some of the positive responses, which came from both gays and straights.

Image: Self-reflection by drobotdean.

Naomi Wolf, the one-time Al Gore adviser, has the same message.  In 1995, Naomi admitted that abortion is the death of a child but rationalized that, in terms of women's needs, it was still for the greater good.  She also warned that the abortion movement would be harmed if it persisted in the lie that the fetus is "a clump of cells" and insisted on pushing abortion later and later into a pregnancy.

So, while Naomi is still a pro-choice leftist, she's smart and intellectually honest.  For that reason, she sees the Dobbs decision that reversed Roe v. Wade as an inevitable response to the overreach in which the pro-choice movement engaged:

I believe that the Dobbs decision was an almost inevitable reaction to devastating overreach by the organized pro-choice movement, especially in the last twenty years.

After reviewing her stance in 1995, Naomi continued:

I also warned that such mechanistic, amoral language and such increasingly monstrous policies would eventually also create a political scenario that in time was certain to lose: these policies would eventually lose us the reasonable middle: the majority of the country that supports abortion rights in the first trimester but that withdraws its support progressively as pregnancies progress.


Pro-choice activists were not content to defend the right to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester, which are the limits on readily available abortion throughout Western Europe (where, notably, there is almost no anti-choice activism).

The organized feminist left were not content to use the language or policies that polls supported, of seeking a country in which abortion would be "safe, legal and rare."

Rather, they pushed, in state after state, to enshrine that "right" up until very the day of a baby's birth.

At what point does a "right" become a murder?

It's a very long essay, but the point is simple: if the hardcore left had accepted the first-trimester system originally set up in Roe v. Wade, the issue might well have died out.  I don't know if she's right about that because, for those who oppose abortion, an abortion in the first minute of a pregnancy is as bad as an abortion in the last minute.  She is correct, though, that by turning itself into a death cult, the abortion movement pulled the pendulum so hard to the left that a swing back in the other direction was inevitable.

The left would do well to heed both TinFoil and Naomi Wolf, both of whom recognize that if a party lets its activist base take over the party, ordinary people will be repulsed.  It's one thing to believe in live and let live when it comes to gays or first-trimester abortions (again, not defending; just saying).  It's another thing entirely for people to find themselves unwittingly allied with pedophiles and Moloch-worshipers.

These extreme behaviors are the kind of things that drive cultural change — including voting for Trump, who promised conservative Supreme Court justices who would return to originalism, ending a decades-long trend of rewriting the Constitution to meet the leftist base's increasingly disturbing demands.

TinFoil's message:

Oh you're angry because of the reversal of Roe Vs Wade. Okay. You're angry because you think they will come for gay marriage next and gay relations. Okay. Let's see whose fault is that per say? Any guesses? We're looking right at the issue now... YOU.

All we gay, bi, lesbians and even some sane transgender people wanted was to be able to live our lives as normal people and blend in with the rest of the community with our partners. We got that back in 2015 and we were good with it. In fact, we were closing the fight after that.

However, for you it wasn't enough. You sent your minions to a Christian Baker who just wanted to bake cakes and follow his belief in God. You didn't want to go to the next store, you chose him so you could attack his beliefs You did so so many times over I am surprised he's still in business.

It wasn't enough. You begin pushing Pride month where corporations would virtue signal by putting Pride labels on their logos. You pushed it in every tv station across America while they had to sit there and deal with the crap for an entire month. Yet the birth of our nation, July 4, only gets one day. Our veterans who fought for our freedom in this country only get one day.

It wasn't enough. You pushed your ways into workplaces and demanded that anyone who disagrees with lgbt needs to be silenced and fired just for voicing their opinion. All for equality.

It wasn't enough. You then forced your ways into the schools silencing and shaming any opposition. If anyone said anything, even us gay people, we were all silenced, shamed and even attacked at our workplace by getting us fired.

It wasn't enough. You pushed your way through convincing society that children under the age of 18 were transgender at the drop of the hat. They needed access to hormone blockers, and surgery! If people disagreed, they were bigots, transphobes, haters, EVIL!

It wasn't enough. We now have trans people who transitioned at an early age and are now regretting decisions that have forever mutilated their bodies and their lives destroyed. Yet when they speak up they were silenced too and called transphobes.

It wasn't enough. Now you have transgender activists calling out gay men that if they don't want to accept trans men as men that they're homophobic even though by definition being gay means attracted to the same sex, not gender. You called us homophobic, transphobic and attempted to silence us.

It wasn't enough. We now have drag queens reading to kids in libraries doing very sexual, erotic dances exposing themselves. Yet you want to call that teaching equality. If anyone spoke up against it again you call us transphobe, homophobe, and nazis.

It wasn't enough. Now we have teachers pushing LGBT ideology along with pornographic books and teaching about wild sex positions while calling it LGBT sex education. When we called it out you called us nazis, bigots, homophobes. Now we have more Pride events with full nudity and very explicit actions being done in front of children We have sex kink being brought into the mix in front of children. We have parents bringing their kids to Pride exposing them to this stuff. When we called it out you screamed the same names, transphobe, homophobe, nazi and then some. We see what you are trying to do. You're normalizing pedophilia.

However, myself and many other sane LGBT peeps are calling you a$$holes out. We're not going to let you do it. You destroyed equality for us, so we're going to make your lives miserable. You're not going to touch kids, you're not going to keep this going. It's ending now. We will call you out, expose you all to the world. When you start feeling that anger and hate flow toward you, calling us homophobe, transphobe, it is no longer going to work. You played your card too long and it ends. You only have yourself to blame because it wasn't enough for you.

It won't be enough for us until every single one of you are brought to some sort of justice. You're pedophiles. You are the monsters in the shadow wanting to get close to any kid around. You want to pervert them so you can normalize grooming them. Nope. Not any more

Get ready because we're coming for you. And we're bringing hell with us just for you. There is no more discussion, no more reasoning, no more anything. YOU brought this on you all because it wasn't enough.

Sincerely, The LGBT community who just wanted equality!!

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