When it comes to abortion, is there handwriting on that wall?

Most human carnivores, myself included, do not want to pay visits to slaughterhouses to see the processes involved in how we get our chicken parts or ground beef for our upcoming Fourth of July cookouts.  My father, for example, lost his appetite for poultry when he was a boy after watching his mother collect a live chicken from the chicken coop.  The preparation, AKA butchering, necessary for my grandmother to put a chicken dinner on the table was more than he could stomach.  Consequently, I did not eat a lot of chicken when I was young, and I love chicken.

Many on the Democrat side of our country want abortion on demand.  They want birthing people, historically known as "women," to have the right to terminate their pregnancies at any point in those nine months.

Pregnancy as a process is natural, while abortion is unnatural.  Many believe that God created the human womb, while others give evolution the credit.  Either way, the womb is custom-made to promote the life of a preborn child.  The womb was not meant to be a tomb or a death chamber.

The purpose of abortion is to terminate the life in the womb without harming the life of the birthing person until very recently known as a "woman."  Abortion involves invasive and extraordinary medical procedures that violate the medical principle do no harm.  A pre-born child is destroyed in this bloody process.

Many of us prefer our comfortable ignorance, where we do not have to see animals butchered in slaughterhouses or babies dismembered in abortion businesses.  The "snowflake syndrome" that began on liberal college campuses has fully metastasized across America, and many of us choose to change the channel when unwelcome thoughts challenge our comfortable ignorance.

General George Patton was a controversial leader of our military in World War II.  Toward the end of the war, his army liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany.  When he and his soldiers began to comprehend the murderous mission of the Nazis in Buchenwald, they seized on that teachable moment.  They gave the people of Weimar a "you are invited, and you will attend" tour of the death camp.  Judging from the pictures of this wrenching encounter, the citizens of Weimar got an eyeful of horror.

Image: Rembrandt's Belshazzar's feast (edited).

Imagine, if you will, that an unknown entity takes a page from Patton and rigs our phones and TVs so that all we could see 365/24/7 would be abortionists destroying pre-born children.  No movies, no game shows, no sports — just never-ending abortions in UHD.  Imagine also that despite all efforts to stop this abortion telethon, the bloody show just keeps rolling.  Some might nickname the ghastly programming Hell.

Ironically, in 1973, the same year that SCOTUS concocted a woman's constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade, Charlie Rich released a song called "Behind Closed Doors."  This love song was written by Kenny O'Dell and was introduced by Charlie Rich.  As it gained popularity, it crossed from the country music charts over to the pop music listings.  Even though the lyrics describe a man's love for his woman, many twisted these words into a song about privacy.  The love song became for many a force field protecting activities behind closed doors.

All kinds of things happen behind closed doors.  Many are good and proper, but many are wicked and destructive.  Many today do not believe in God.  Many do and believe that He sees all.  Many are agnostics and are not sure what to believe.  Here are some things to consider:

  • What if God creates babies? (Psalm 139:13)
  • What if He thinks they are precious little human lives? (John 3:16)
  • What if He has to witness the abortion of millions? (Psalm 139:7)
  • What if He will judge the abortionists and all involved in this destructive process? (Matthew 25)
  • What if He will judge us all someday? (Matthew 25)
  • What if a time will come when we each will have to stand before Him and account to Him for our lives and our attitudes concerning abortion? (Matthew 25)
  • What if sonograms are modern examples of God's writing on the wall? (Daniel 5)
  • Will we be found wanting as Belshazzar was? (Daniel 5)

Even if you take God out of this picture, abortion is still ending human life, and that should bother any human's ethics.  If this controversy, which is greater than slavery, does not challenge you, are you sure you are human?

Some have found a way to dissolve the grisly abortion telethon.  Bernard Nathanson and Patti Giebink are former abortionists who, by God's grace, did a U-turn.  In Christian circles, a U-turn is called repentance.  They sensed the love of God calling them to stop, as God once called Saul of Tarsus to stop persecuting others.

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