Karma comes for the mayor of DC

An old political axiom states, "Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that guy behind the tree."  We see that mindset repeatedly among liberal progressives.  They want wind and solar power but don't want windmill or solar panel farms within sight of their properties.  They want to plant those windmills out in middle America, where Don Quixote would more likely find them.  That way, those whirling structures won't block the view from their progressive-owned estates.  It would be best if the banks of solar panels were also built out there.  Hopefully, Don Quixote's horse won't be blinded or hobbled by the vast glass structures.  Sancho Panza had best stay alert.  Oh, that impossible dream!

But some karma has been coming the way of D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser.  She is protesting noisily against Texas governor Greg Abbot and other red border state governors who are busing illegal aliens — yes, the same illegal aliens that the Biden administration and big city liberals such as Mayor Bowser have urged to be allowed unfettered entry into this country — all the way to the D.C. city limits.

It never mattered to liberals where those individuals came from, what diseases they might carry, or what horrible crimes they may have already committed, and possibly will continue to commit.  They would be out of sight.  Behind that tree.  No, it just mattered that they likely would one day be Democrat voters.  Let's see if their perspective changes when thousands, or hundreds of thousands of those "undocumented," unvaccinated individuals with no criminal background checks take up residence on their city streets.

Bowser wails that the illegals were tricked into getting on those northbound buses.  Well, good for whoever "tricked" them.  Let's ensure that all of the illegals are duped into heading not only for D.C., but San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland as well.  Load up those Greyhounds for Minneapolis, Boston, even New York City.  Send them to Madison, Wisconsin (sorry, my Wisconsin friends, but Madison has asked for it) and every sanctuary city on record not returning illegals to their country of origin.  Those of us behind that metaphorical tree are tired of your autocratic ways.  Let's see how you like it back here with the rest of us.

Image via Pxfuel.

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