Joe’s and the Dems’ (almost) perfect out on Hunter

When life gives you Hunter, make Hunter aid you. 

Some may say that Hunter was not born that way, but rather created by the same poor family environment that created a hyper-sexualized, sex- and drug- addicted daughter. Created or born --  whatever. (I am willing to bet that a deep dive into Biden’s dead son, Beau, would reveal interesting behaviors, too.) 

How Hunter got to be the Hunter we all know and (insert your preferred terms) is not what counts. He is what he is. It’s what he can do to aid his dad and the Dems that matters. 

Let’s review the facts of the situation: 

  • Joe Biden is captaining a failed presidency 
  • His failure is bringing down the rest of the Dems 
  • 2022 looks like a really bad election year for the Dems, despite their attempts to cheat 
  • Joe Biden is threatening to run again in 2024 
  • 2024 may look the same for the Dems as 2022 
  • The Dems are trying to get Joe to not run in 2024 
  • The Dems are trying to salvage as much of 2022 as they can 
  • Hunter Biden is under investigation by the Feds 
  • The Feds investigate federal offenses 
  • Hunter is under DOJ investigation for federal crimes
  • Rumor has it that a plea deal might be reached.  This will lessen the charges against him and result in calls, from some, of an unfair legal system that favors the rich and famous, favors Dems, favors politicians and their families, etc. 

What the Dems want is to stop Joe’s voter repulsion and get a chance to win something in 2022 and 2024. What Joe wants is for Hunter to have it as easy as possible, since Joe is a loving, though abusive, father, and not have his family’s corruption made more public.  

I assume that Joe, in his once weekly lucid moment, knows he is not running in 2024. 

I offer a solution to Joe and his party that will be all winners and give them hope. Here goes. 

Step One is for the Dems to decide when the campaign for the 2024 presidential nomination will begin. They can decide that the jockeying for position can begin immediately. In this case, my scheme may help them in 2022. If the Dems decide to wait until after November, then 2024 is their target. 

They also have to decide if Kamala in the Oval Office is what they really want. This may affect the timing. 

Whenever they decide the scrum is to begin and what to do with Kamala, the following has to be in place and ready for completion. 

Step Two is for Hunter Biden to be found guilty of somethings the whole world knows he illegally did. Whether it has to do with firearmsprostitutes, being a foreign agent, etc., it has to be done. 

I recommend that rather than plead down any charges, the Feds nail him on everything they can. Put him away for life. Poopcan him forever. If they do the max, then no one can say that the process was rigged. No two-tiered justice system. It is all aboveboard. Bury him so deep that no one, absolutely no one can save him. 

Hunter will have to do time.  

Remember that part where no one can save him? Well, actually, that is not quite possible. Joe can save him after Hunter does a teeny, tiny amount of time.  

Step Three is Joe pardons Hunter. A president can pardon someone who committed a federal crime and is being punished. Incarceration is punishment. Joe tells the nation that as a kind, loving (though sick In the head) father he has chosen to help his son at the expense of his 2024 presidential run. What else could a father do? 

This scenario allows: 

  • Joe to leave office without the disgrace of losing the election, crapping his pants on the campaign trail, and holding his head up high for choosing family over career 
  • The Dems to jettison him and apply their resources to the election(s) and not defending and covering for Joe 
  • The Dems to sanctimoniously disagree with his pardon but being understanding of it, i.e., distance themselves without dissing Joe 
  • The critical points are to have this political theater elevate Joe, harshly punish Hunter, have Joe pardon him and free the Dems of the Biden millstone. 

It is winners all around unless you wanted true justice done re: Hunter. In which case you are a racist.

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