It’s official: Biden has COVID...again

Biden, 79, got diagnosed with COVID, took Paxlovid and, miracle of miracles, recovered at warp speed. Now, though, he’s been diagnosed a second time with COVID, and it turns out that the Paxlovid is anything but a miracle pill. It seems to be yet another in a long line now of medicines that don’t live up to the hype. What’s so funny is that Biden snarked at Trump, who made vaccines and treatments possible, only for Biden to fall prey to COVID again, something Trump hasn’t done.

Joe initially seemed to recover very quickly from COVID—quickly and ungraciously. We’ve been lectured for a long time about mean tweets, but Joe’s right up there with Obama when it comes to sheer nastiness. In Joe’s case, the most recent example of his vicious personality meant taking a nasty dig at Trump, who went to the hospital for his COVID, while the multi-vaxxed and boosted Joe took Pfizer’s Paxlovid and recovered in the comfort of the White House:

“My symptoms were mild, my recovery was quick, and I’m feeling great,” he said. “The entire time I was in isolation, I was able to work. ... It’s a real statement about where we are in the fight against COVID-19.”

He took a shot at his predecessor, Donald Trump, by noting that the former president had to be transferred to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center when he got the coronavirus in 2020, whereas Biden continued working from the upper floor of the White House.

What Biden claims saved him was Paxlovid, a drug that wouldn’t have happened if Trump hadn’t cut the regulations for drug testing, thereby enabling a drug to get to the market in a year, rather than a decade. Here’s Biden boasting about the medicine:

What’s ironically possible about all this is that the same Paxlovid Biden boasted about may have been his undoing. According to The Daily Mail, although Paxlovid claims a 2% reinfection rate, the actual number is closer to 40% because the drug, even as it kills the virus, also suppresses the patient’s immune system:

When Paxlovid came to market in December 2021, studies from Pfizer indicated that only 1-2 percent of patients who took the drug tested positive for Covid again shortly after finishing their dosage.

But other experts say the rapid reinfection rate is closer to 40 per cent, and that Paxlovid can cause this issue by suppressing patients’ immune systems too early, meaning their own bodies are unable to get a handle on COVID. 

Given that actual data, it shouldn’t be any type of surprise that Biden has again tested positive for COVID:

The official word is that, while Biden is technically sick, he’s not really sick. Yesterday, after the second COVID diagnosis, Biden’s staff was able to get him upright and competent enough to do a 12-second video touting his apparent good health:

Having recently had COVID and having discussed my symptoms with others, I wonder. Many to whom I spoke said that COVID came with a rebound—you think you’re recovering, only to be plunged back into it again. In my case, rather than a re-do of a relatively mild first go-round with COVID, I got a terrible rash and (thankfully short-lived) neurological problems. Everyone I know who had COVID and is over 50 also complains about a serious diminution in energy and stamina. Let’s just say that I’m getting my work done, but my house is a mess....

So, even though Joe’s getting the best medical care, I question how well his already obviously failing 79-year-old body is handling the stress of vaccinations, boosters, COVID, Paxlovid, and rebound COVID. And keep in mind that Biden is already someone who works less than any president since Calvin Coolidge—although Coolidge, to his tremendous credit, believed that the government should not control everything, which is the opposite of Biden’s (and his handlers’) urge to elevate government to socialist-style centrality in America life. Given Biden’s already minimalist approach to his real responsibilities, one must wonder who’s running the country right now.

Image: Twitter screen grab.

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