The monkeypox spread is getting the AIDS treatment

I had a front-row seat to AIDS because I briefly worked in the medical field when AIDS first appeared and I lived and worked in San Francisco during the worst years of the epidemic. What I saw was a disease that got its start because of the unbridled hedonism of gay communities. Once it had that foothold, it became a risk to others, although it primarily continued to be a gay disease. For political reasons, no one dared stop those behaviors, and the same thing is happening now with monkeypox.

I’ve had many gay friends over my lifetime and don’t have a problem with monogamous homosexual relationships. I have a huge problem with the promiscuity that is a major aspect of gay sex. I first learned that in the summer of 1981, when two San Francisco virologists, for whom I worked, were working with virologists in New York to try to understand a cluster of bizarre diseases showing up in gay men—a syndrome that eventually proved to be Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

I was a naïve 20-year-old typist, but I learned then more than anyone should ever want to know about gay orgies. Gay men were having dozens of sexual contacts per night and, because of the nature of gay sex (that’s not how the body’s rear orifice is meant to be used), there was a huge amount of injury to sensitive tissues. (Drugs such as poppers, Quaaludes, marijuana, and goodness knows what else, helped the men ignore the pain and focus on the pleasure.) As the Bible understood when it took a stance against the ritualized hetero- and homosexual orgies that were part of the pagan world, the safest sex for individual bodies and whole communities is heterosexual, monogamous sex.

The problem was that no one was allowed to say that the specifics of excessive gay sex were responsible for AIDS’s swift spread. Yes, drug users and hemophiliacs also had a problem but when I was in San Francisco in the 1980s, it was the gay men who were dying like flies, and I lost many friends and acquaintances that way. Had politicians and judges had the courage to close the bathhouses and pushed hard for gays to restrain themselves, AIDS might not have gained the foothold it did. But gay men were suffering a terrible martyrdom and feeling their political power, and that made them untouchable.

If gays were a protected class in the 1980s, they’re a super protected class now. Anony Mee wrote an elegant, non-judgmental essay suggesting that gay men restrain their sexual drives for a few weeks to stop Monkeypox in its tracks, but I’m not seeing anyone else advocating the same. Instead, you get shrill voices demanding that we disconnect Monkeypox entirely from homosexual activity.

And yes, of course, straight people have orgies (which is stupid) but did I mention the unique aspects of gay men’s sex? Go back a few paragraphs and refresh your recollection.

As it is, the gay orgies have continued unabated. The worst part is that there’s no political or social opprobrium for this conduct. Gays continue to get a pass.

The latest example is the Dore Alley or Up Your Alley fetish fair in San Francisco. The fair is a reminder of why promiscuous gay sex can be such a disease vector. It’s not just the multiplicity of partners. It’s what they’re doing with their partners. A citizen photographer known only as Zombie has photographed the fair (once in 2008 and once in 2015). View these photos at your own risk because they are nauseating.

Despite the fair being the perfect opportunity for spreading the virus ever further, creating more and more points of contact between the gay orgy population and the general population, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is telling people “full speed ahead”:

Because of COVID, ordinary Americans’ economic well-being was destroyed, their children were left uneducated and emotionally distressed, and their election was perverted. But monkeypox, even though it’s got the same general mortality rate as COVID and can be stopped right now, gets a pass because gay men are a protected class. I don’t know about you, but that just strikes me as seriously wrong.

Image: Internet meme; creator unknown.

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