Elizabeth Warren shows her hand as a callous and indignant villain

Prior to the official release of the Dobbs v. Jackson opinion on June 24, the Department of Homeland Security issued warnings to churches and pregnancy resource centers across the U.S. regarding legitimate threats of "extreme violence" at the hands of pro-abortion Brownshirts.  Once Roe was officially dead, the hoodlums ramped up the carnage, and since May 2 (the date of the SCOTUS leak), at least 27 pregnancy resource centers, pro-life organizations, and churches have fallen victim to arson, vandalism, and complete ruin.

Now, the Charlatan of Harvard, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, is calling for the closure of these life-saving and charitable outposts, at the hands of a weaponized government.  In a voice shaking with rage and hostility, Warren condemned the havens, inferring illegitimacy by referring to them as "so-called crisis pregnancy centers," and accused them of using "bait-and-switch" tactics.  (Ironic that Fauxcahontas now feigns concern for alleged fraudulence and deception.)

Warren's outrage displays what we've known all along: the general consensus among card-carrying Democrats, and the platform of the Democrat party, for that matter, is murderously radical.  They promote — but not only that, they desire an uncompromising and extremist agenda of the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent and defenseless children.

Warren makes the claim that the crisis pregnancy centers operate to hurt women, and the staff "wish them [the patients] harm" — however, reality and facts correct her offense of misinformation.  Unlike the nation's leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood (which reported $1.6B in income for the 2019–2020 F.Y.), these centers are exclusively not-for-profit.  What pregnancy resource center can tout over a billion and a half dollars in profit?  Spoiler alert: zero.  These centers often function solely with volunteer staff and provide necessary resources, whether it be material, financial, or emotional.  Warren even correctly cites a statistic, stating crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion mills 3 to 1.  For a state that allows abortion up to 24 weeks, the data ought to reveal the priorities of Massachusetts residents, the very people she claims to represent.  If a charitable endeavor surpasses the outreach and influence of a for-profit business model based on exploitation and victimizing vulnerable women, reality dictates that Warren's constituents aren't as pro-abortion as she would like them to be.

Democrats have a long history of stymieing human rights, and Warren's remarks reaffirm the sustained presence of a resilient and deep-seated specter of immorality and oppression within the party.

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