The biggest story the media don't want to tell you about

Illegal invaders planned a July 4 terror attack with assault weapons.  Why isn't this big news?

Why aren't the nation's socialist media all over a potential mass shooting with "assault weapons" like the attack in Highland Park on July 4?

Richmond police chief Gerald Smith revealed in a news conference Wednesday that two "non–U.S. citizens" were planning a mass shooting at a Fourth of July celebration in Richmond.  The attack was thwarted on July 1 when Richmond police received a tip from a citizen.  The police chief stated that a heroic citizen overheard the planning for the attack, which was to take place at the Dogwood Dell Amphitheater during the annual Independence Day celebration, in a phone conversation.  A call to the Richmond Police Department on Friday led to the eventual arrest of two Guatemalan men in the country illegally.

Roommates Julio Alvarado-Dubon, 52, and Rolman Alberto Balacarcel, 38, were arrested separately, and each was charged with being non–US citizens in possession of a firearm, officials said. 

Officers seized two assault rifles, one handgun, and 223 rounds of ammunition.

"They were planning to actually shoot up our Fourth of July celebration," the chief said. "We know what their intent is, but we don't have their motive."

The weapons seized by the Richmond Police Department appear to be AR-15 platform rifles along with several standard-capacity magazines.  There also appears to be a handgun with some standard-capacity magazines, along with several boxes of ammunition.

Doesn't it seem strange to you that the media didn't make a lot more of this news?  It's axiomatic that the nation's socialist media coverage of a story is directly proportional to its potential to accrue power to the anti-liberty left.  You can measure and predict this almost with mathematical precision, given the various parameters involved.

What has the nation's socialist media manically obsessed about over the past 20 years when it comes to the debate over our reasonable and sensible civil right of self-defense?  Pardon the pun, but what really "triggers" them when it comes to guns? 

If you said "AR-15s," you would be correct.  That's like a red flag to a bull.  Yet this aspect hardly warranted any mention in the article.  Why?

The propaganda organs of the liberticidal left are also obsessively trying to find every last detail of their newest hero, the Chicago chum bucket.  But aside from mostly perfunctory initial reports, we're not hearing any type of follow-up.  Doesn't that strike everyone as quite strange, given the similarities and the fact that this entailed the AR-15, the favorite hobby horse of the nation's socialist media?

It can't be just that it involved illegal invaders, although that is partially to blame.  Could it be that we're to see a whole new crime or terror wave from across the border? 

Who do you think is going to be blamed for this?

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, and the director of communications for a Bill of Rights organization and a longtime contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

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