Do logic and sound reasoning make you transphobic?

During a Senate hearing on the legal consequences of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a University of California, Berkeley law professor was being questioned by Senator Josh Hawley.  The senator asked a simple question about which sex has the capacity to get pregnant.  As would be expected from a leftist, double ring-nosed wannabe intellectual, at one of the most bizarrely liberal colleges in the country, she (excuse the pronoun) accused the lawmaker of asking "transphobic" questions.  Moreover, she suggested that the senator was inciting violence against "trans people" by asking such questions.

This type of attack on biology and sensible reasoning is a tactic used by those who want to silence any form of disagreement with even the most mentally defective behavior coming from a tiny fraction of society.  We live in an era in which a segment of the population seeks recognition and security within a group that is invulnerable to criticism.  This "protected" class isn't content to merely live their atypical lives inside the framework of the majority.  Instead, they want to force their rebellious and unusual life choices on the overwhelming number of folks who don't subscribe to their anomalous behavior.

This "professor," reading from notes, was eager to announce that one out of five transgender people has attempted suicide, insinuating that asking questions is the reason behind their self-destructive mental state.  Of course, the woman (if that's what she wants to be called) wouldn't consider for a moment that people with psychological problems, which may have nothing to do with what gender they think they are, often become candidates for suicide.  Over the millennia, disturbed people have taken their own lives for a myriad of reasons, long before the term "transgender" was invented.  Hence, you have to begrudgingly give leftists credit for being creative as a way to justify their disturbing beliefs.

You also have to give them credit for chutzpah as they persistently drive forward with the maddening idea that men can give birth.  When the professor asked the senator if he believes that men can get pregnant, he answered, "No!"  Suddenly, "she" became demonstrably agitated.  "See, you're denying trans people," she exclaimed with a nervous giggle.  She went on to prattle about how some cis-women (women who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth) do not have the capacity for pregnancy, and trans-men (women who now identify as men) are capable of pregnancy, as well as non-binary (you need a calculator to keep up with the multiplicity of gender terms being invented almost daily) people are capable of pregnancy.

Evidently, the radical trans movement has found a way to make it appear that men can give birth.  These people reason that a woman who identifies as a man still has all the necessary female equipment to bear a child in the womb.  Therefore, although still a woman, she, who now refers to herself as he, is a "man" who can get pregnant.  This brings us back to the incredibly odd circumstances of having a U.S. senator scolded by some condescending professor because he denied that men can give birth.  One wonders how long before his home is surrounded by violent, screaming purveyors of this nonsense.

There are politically motivated groups in the country who seek to force their behavior on those who have different belief systems from theirs.  The latest attempt at transmogrifying the culture is the assault on English grammar.  If you see a man in drag, you dare not refer to him as "Sir," or any other masculine designation.  To do so may open you to allegations of some sort of "ist" or "phobe."  You may even end up hospitalized, if not dead.  When I see Bruce, AKA Caitlyn, Jenner parading awkwardly  around a stage in a dress and high heels, I'm reminded of the bawdy burlesque performances by female impersonators in those side street playhouses of NYC.

I had no animus toward them or any other folks who lived their lives the way they chose to.  I didn't try to impose my lifestyle on them, and they were equally respectful of the way I lived.  Moreover, they didn't try to pummel me into agreeing that men, with male sexual parts, and no ovaries, can nevertheless become "with child."  Sadly, the radical left has become so ruthless in its pursuit of antibiological dogma that they're willing to distort science and reality if it means giving them a bit more power.  However, as of this date, there still isn't a scintilla of evidence, at least on Planet Earth, that a man ever gave birth to a baby.  I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

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