As Democrats get caught using subterfuge, Arizona conservatives get proactive

Last week, audio released by Project Veritas documented a South Carolina Democrat conniving to secure local elections via duplicitous means.  Among other things, Krystle Matthews said, "We need some secret sleepers. Like you need, we need them to run as [sic] the other side, even though they for [sic] our side.  We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections."

The recording shocked many of the listeners — but it shouldn't have.  The Republican Party remains hopelessly infiltrated, and the Establishment is keen to keep the status quo.  Perhaps nowhere is this fact more evident than in Arizona — after all, the state has produced caitiff politicians like John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Mark Brnovich.  One particular group of Arizonans is so fed up with the obvious breach within the party by Marxian activists that it developed quite an ingenious countermeasure: "RINO-tagging."

Organized as the Patriot Party of Arizona, and under the leadership of Chairman Pro Tem Steve Daniels, teams of conservatives installed "RINO" tags, placing them directly next to the campaign signs of certified betrayers.

So what actions earn a Republican a "RINO" tag? In a statement from Daniels:

The Patriot Party of Arizona was established to restore and maintain Constitutional conservative leadership in Arizona, and due to an obvious disinterest by the AZGOP to address the most glaring issues within the Republican Party in Arizona, the Patriot Party of Arizona has stepped up to do their job for them. It would seem the AZGOP, via Kelli Ward, is more concerned with soliciting donations from hardworking Arizonans, all the while going behind their backs to ensure that nothing substantial will change. The AZGOP, and Kelli Ward, have effectively been absent these last two years, as it relates to pushing the Arizona Legislature to pass meaningful election integrity legislation. Whereas, the Patriot Party of Arizona took the initiative to draft HB2289 (One Day, One Vote), the most comprehensive election integrity legislation in the United States. The Republican-controlled legislature, under the control of Swamp operatives — Speaker Bowers and President Fann — actively worked to kill the legislation. Had Kelli Ward used her bully pulpit, I'm confident the legislation would have had a positive outcome — but instead, she worked against us.

Daniels is referring to a rigorous election integrity bill, H.B. 2289 — known as the "One Day, One Vote" bill — and one which prominent Arizona Republicans killed.  Due to public pressure from active conservatives, it passed out of its committee, where it was held by Senate president Karen Fann, who refused to allow the bill to be voted on, alleging that there weren't enough votes in the Republican-held Senate to pass it.  However, conservative activists requested a vote anyway, in order to identify those who would not support securing elections, and Fann held it still, before sine die occurred last week, ending the legislative session and effectively killing the bill.

Many of the measures found within H.B. 2289 were initially promoted under H.B. 2596 — and in an archaic move, Republican speaker of the House Rusty Bowers assigned the bill to all twelve of the House committees, ensuring its defeat.

Arizonans appear to be sick and tired of the erosion of conservative values and the apparent unwillingness of Republican leadership to return to a constitutional mindset of a bottom-up governing system.  It's time to fight back, and RINO-tagging seems like a great place to start.

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