Americans want their fossil fuel economy back, Joe —poll

Joe Biden, who campaigned to shut down the fossil fuel industry, and carried through on that promise through his stroke-of-a-pen shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline and issuance of some 30 regulations to hamper domestic fuel production, has stuck to his policy like a jackass to glue.  He's made America energy-dependent again, in a major shift from its previous status as a fully self-sufficient energy exporter.  He says it's all about going green.

Well, it looks as though the public is not buying his "going green" shtick.

Here's a new poll from I&I/TIPP just out, showing that Americans want their fossil fuel economy back on the double.

According to I&I's Terry Jones, writing at the TIPP site:

For our online July I&I/TIPP Poll, taken from July 6–9, we asked 1,643 adults across America to consider the following statement: "President Biden has said that record-high gasoline and electricity prices are necessary for meeting his goal of eliminating fossil fuels in the U.S. to fight climate change."

Respondents were then asked to respond to a question with five choices: "Would you say you:

  1. Agree with Biden's climate change policy, even if it means higher energy prices.
  2. Disagree with Biden's policy, and want more energy produced to decrease prices.
  3. Don't think global climate change should be a U.S. policy priority.
  4. I don't believe in climate change.
  5. Not sure.

The answer that came back loud and clear will not be comforting to either President Biden or his Democratic Party advisers: Just 32% of those answering the poll, which has a margin of error of +/-2.5 percentage points, said they support Biden's climate change policy even if it means higher energy prices.

But a far larger majority of 57% answered in the negative. They either said they disagreed with his policies and want more and cheaper energy (41%), or don't think climate change should be a U.S. policy priority (10%), or don't even believe that the climate is changing (6%).

It should be noted that even Democrats form a large part of that consensus.

It's interesting because few things have gotten Joe Biden in trouble like his unwavering and cynical stance on energy.  Prices are soaring at the pump, refineries are overextended, Arabs are laughing in his face as he begs them to pump more oil for him, Venezuela is watching with amusement as his minions beg them to pump more that they can't pump — nations such as Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and now Panama, are going down based on green policies similar to his own, other nations such as Germany and France are now rationing fuel based on green foolishness, Joe's own poll numbers are collapsing, threatening to take the House and Senate down with him, and still he sticks to his "green" energy policies. 

There is nothing he sticks to harder than his bad energy policies, despite the havoc such policies are wreaking, and despite the views of the voters seen in this poll. 

It would be so easy for him to change course, restore the Keystone XL pipeline construction, and free American energy production.  He could have the poll numbers he'd like, but he won't do it.

It's said that old people are set in their ways and don't like change, which may explain doddering Joe's failure to make a necessary U-turn.  He won't do it.  Seems there's no fool like an old fool, too. 

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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