Jill Biden complains about all these crises dogging Joe Biden and his otherwise glorious presidency

Perhaps we should give Jill Biden some credit.  On an objective level, she knows that things aren't nearly as great as the Biden administration claims in public.

In other words, she recognizes very well that Joe Biden is a miserable failure as president and any claims about him doing a great job are lies.

Perhaps the polls are just too overwhelming — even to Democrats.

Her analysis, though, leaves a heckuva lot to be desired.

She was last seen complaining to other Democrats about the admitted wretchedness of Biden's presidency, in a report published by the Daily Mail:

Jill Biden has said her husband 'had so many hopes' when he got into office, but there were 'problems of the moment' that needed to be addressed first.

The First Lady, 71, spoke at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

'[The President] had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,' she told donors at the event.

'He's just had so many things thrown his way,' she added.

So Biden just had the Afghanistan debacle "thrown his way," despite having months of fair warning from diplomats and intelligence personnel that the place was headed for an instant Taliban takeover? 

So Biden was just standing there when he was hit by the inflation truck?  It had nothing to do with his multi-trillion-dollar spending and his foiled plans for even bigger spending in "Build Back Better"?

So the high prices at the pump have nothing to do with his shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline on Day One, and his thirty-some regulations designed to shut down American energy production and make the U.S. dependent on overseas petro-tyrants?

So Joe's corrupt dealings with Ukraine, his unspeakably failed Afghanistan pullout, and his desperation for a deal with Iran with Russia playing mediator had nothing to do with why Vladimir Putin felt comfortable invading Ukraine?

So Joe's open invitation to border-crossers that nothing would happen to them once they got in had nothing to do with the record current border surge?

So all the ongoing violent crime brought on by Soros-backed district attorneys had nothing to do with the intellectual backup from Joe's wokester Department of Justice?

So the shambling state of the U.S. military with its failing readiness had nothing to do with Joe's execrable leadership as commander in chief?

Seems all these things just fell into Joe's lap, and there's no connection made between Joe's terrible presidential policies and performance, and voter loathing of the results? 

And more idiotic still, Joe apparently is the only president who's been beset with crises, which is laughable in the extreme.  Joe's the only president who's failed to handle his crises as well as triggered them.  But Jill is busy saying, "Look!  Squirrel!" to make us think he's just a passive old man who had things thrown at him.

Now, I wouldn't be surprised if some Democrats, eager for a buoy to hold on to as their party's fortunes sink (dragged down by anchor Joe), might believe some of this.

But it's pretty clear that not even Democrats are fooled by this tripe, given the number of them who don't want Joe to run for a second term.

At some point, a real leader needs to take a look at the results of his bad policies and correct course.  With Joe, we learn from Jill that that is never so.  Perhaps she's the one soothing him, telling him it's all other people's fault as he veers from one disaster to another.  He's just flapping in the wind, taking incoming crises of his own making and claiming they came in from out of the blue.

Nice try, Jill. 

Image: Screen shot from CBS Sunday Morning video via YouTube.

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