Tucker Carlson exposes the totalitarian Biden regime

Since its inauguration, the Biden administration has displayed its absolute contempt for freedom and democracy.

Some examples:

The January 6 probe's sole function is to prevent President Trump from running in 2024.  Parents who opposed the teaching of Critical Race Theory to young children were branded as domestic terrorists.  The Disinformation Governance Board's function is to intimidate citizens from freely expressing themselves.  Biden recently called Trump-supporters "the most extreme political organization that's existed in recent American history."

The Democrat government-ordered vaccine and mask mandates encroached upon freedom of choice and lockdowns that restricted the movement of citizens.  

Beyond these overarching anti-democratic acts, the Biden administration has also baselessly targeted specific political opponents.

Tucker Carlson reminded his viewers of political opponents who have been targeted since Biden's inauguration in his monologue yesterday.

The following is the gist of what Carlson referred to:

On Jan. 27, 2021, days after Biden's inauguration, the Justice Department arrested Douglass Mackey, known online as Ricky Vaughn, for creating internet memes that made fun of Hillary Clinton. 

On Feb. 3, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of Russell Taylor and Alan Hostetter for organized a lawful political rally on January 6 for which they had a permit.

On April 28, 2021, the FBI seized the cell phones and computers belonging to Trump's former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, despite not charging him.  This was a violation of client-attorney privilege. 

On June 24, 2021, the FBI raided the home of a Giuliani associate, George Dixon, who was working on a documentary about Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and their shady business dealings in Ukraine. 

On Jan. 19, 2021, Infowars' Owen Shroyer was arrested and charged because he told the crowd on January 6, "Today we march for the Capitol because on this historic January 6, 2021.  We have to let our congressmen and women know, and we have to let Mike Pence know, that they stole the election." 

On Nov. 6, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of journalists who work for Project Veritas and the organization's founder, James O'Keefe.  They reported on a diary written by Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, in which she revealed that Biden had behaved inappropriately with her, which made her a sex addict later in life.

On Nov. 15, 2021, the Justice Department arrested one of the most prominent critics of Biden and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for refusing to cooperate with the January 6 probe.

On Nov. 16, 2021, the FBI raided the home of Sherrona Bishop, a former campaign manager for Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado.  The FBI confiscated Bishop's cell phone but never charged her with a crime. 

Also on Nov. 16, 2021, the FBI raided the home of Mesa County Republican Clerk Tina Peters.  Peters had questions about the legitimacy of the last election.

On June 3, Peter Navarro, a trade aide to Donald Trump, was arrested at Washington National Airport, put in leg irons, and sent to jail.  Navarro had sued the January 6 Committee, having claimed executive privilege in his communications with the president.

On June 9 of this year, the FBI arrested a leading Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, Ryan Kelley.  Kelley had participated in the January 6 protests.

On June 22, the FBI seized the phone of former Trump attorney John Eastman in a parking lot.  Eastman wasn't even presented with a warrant.

On June 23, the FBI searched the home of former Trump DOJ official Jeff Clark.  The search came one day before the January 6 Committee held a televised hearing claiming that Clark had a role in attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The Biden administration has also targeted the January 6 protesters.  Some of the protesters were placed in solitary confinement for prolonged periods of time.  Such was the torment that one among them committed suicide.

The criminalizing of political opponents occurs only in third-world dictatorships, where the despot wants to leave no stone unturned in his monopoly on power and the narrative.  All opposition is outlawed.  Questioning journalists, members of the opposition party, protestors, activists, and even artists are targeted.

These are not the kind of occurrences expected in one of the world's leading democracies.

The goal behind these arrests, confiscations, and raids is to outlaw political opposition and association with political opponents.  

The targeting is also supposed to function as a deterrent. 

Most people just don't want the hassle of being arrested in public or having their devices confiscated, so they stay away from Trump or the GOP and keep their ideas to themselves. 

If Trump wins in 2024, there may be several talented individuals, perhaps in the private sector, who could serve in Trump's Cabinet to present fresh ideas, or even run for president themselves later and work toward the betterment of the nation.  But they look at the various witch hunts and choose to stay away because they do not want any suffering or the destruction of their reputation.  The result is that progress is halted, and Washington's stale and inept ideas prevail.

This is how the power-grab succeeds. 

In addition to the overt targeting of opponents, the Democrats also want to make elections irrelevant.  They infiltrate election infrastructure.  They also amended electoral laws to enable fraud.  They use Big Tech and suppress stories critical of Democrats and concoct stories about their opponents.  The list of assaults on democracy is relentless.  It is ironic that they even call themselves Democrats.

They leave the border open and allow an uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens.  They even attempted to give voting rights to non-citizens in local elections.  The attempt failed.  Perhaps they will try again or resort to fast-track citizenship for illegal migrants, hoping to increase their vote base. 

Unabashedly working alongside the Democrats in this power-grab are the news media.

Once upon a time, a few papers and TV channels had a monopoly over the news.  They could push whatever narrative they desired, and consumers really had very little choice.

Those days are over.  The consumer now has numerous news sources to draw from.  The facts can no longer be suppressed.  However, the undesired side effect of the news boom is that consumers have volatile short-term memories.

They may remember minute details about a news broadcast when the Berlin Wall came down, but they may not recall any details about an explosive news story from the previous day.

This volatile memory often enables the powerful to incrementally commit violations.  Each violation may seem insignificant on its own, but put together, we see a trend.

When the state of affairs descends into chaos, the opposition has a function to beat the drums of warning to inform the citizens. 

In addition to high inflation, surging gas prices, and the open border, this authoritarian power-grab should be a leading campaign issue.

Tucker meticulously detailing the political opponents that the Biden administration unfairly and systematically targeted is an eminent journalistic effort. 

Tucker Carlson is among the few who speak truth to power, irrespective of party.

If only there were more such as him!

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video via YouTube.

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