The three phases of transgender 'progressivism'

During the month of June, political correctness apparently gives sexual predators license to pillage the innocent, all under the cover of "homosexuality" or a "non-binary identity," because it's "Pride Month."  A California middle school allowed a man named Nicki Jizz to come into contact with its students for the sake of "tolerance" and "inclusivity," and parents willingly forfeited their own children as casualties in the onslaught of progressive transgender politics, offering them up to deluded adults with seriously perverted sexualities.

After the footage from Mr. Misster went viral, Texas legislators like Bryan Slaton committed to pushing back against the furor of exposing undefiled children to adult kinks and sexual deviancies.  But the pledge to shield little ones from hyper-sexual activities was met with severe resistance — displaying the reality that when these militant trans activists are confronted, and their debauchery and predation are displayed for all to see, they dig their heels in and stand resolute in their war on our children.

As some state lawmakers rebuff the normalization of prepubescent youth attending daytime events in gay bars, others seek to push it even farther.

California state senator and Democrat Scott Wiener devised a proposal to forcibly inject all children attending public schools with transgender indoctrination, and he credited Slaton — a Republican — with the idea.

This unyielding sin elucidates the stages of progressive transformation under the insanity of transgenderism in policy-making — but it doesn't end there.  The headline reads, "Transgenders are now demanding cash reparations... We are women who have a penis..."  Reported by Christopher Rufo:

A coalition of taxpayer-funded trans organizations has demanded that society 'decolonize the gender binary,' provide cash reparations to 'gender-noncomforming people,' and affirm 'mustache[s]' and 'big dick[s]' as authentic expressions of womanhood. ...

Last year, a group of Washington State gender-identity nonprofits — all of which work with children and receive public funding — hosted a presentation series called 'Decolonizing Gender,' claiming that 'the process of creating men and women actually is the process of genocide.'

Rufo also rightly identified a dependable truth: 

The American Marxists of the Democrat party are hell-bent on a communist revolution, one that is developed through "the most radical rupture with traditional ideas."  Without fail, their accomplices in the media preemptively label any corruptive move or exploit as "conspiracy theory," eventually confessing its existence and promoting it as "good," before shoving it down our throats.  It all comes down to one of Marx's most crucial goals: "abolition of the family."

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