Sick parents conspire with a Dallas gay bar to sexualize children

This past weekend, Dallas-area gay bar Mr. Misster hosted an event called "Drag Your Kids to Pride," which was promoted as a "family friendly" program to celebrate Pride Month.  A daytime event, "Drag Your kids to Pride" featured a real drag show, with a runway centered around a neon sign that spelled out a common catchphrase of sexually deviant adults — "It's Not Gonna Lick Itself."

Male transvestites danced provocatively in front of children of all ages, while parents and guardians cheered the perverts on, handing their little ones dollar bills to tip the "performers."  At one point, the degenerates in drag brought children onto the stage, coaching them to mimic the  hyper-sexualized and homosexual strut of a man in drag.

This event was met with shock and revulsion.  Texas state legislator Bryan Slaton referred to parents who expose their children to this sort of sexual deviancy as "perverted adults" and "obsessed with sexualizing young children."  He pledged to introduce legislation to safeguard children from the societal acceptance of debauchery, even when their parents abdicate that sacred responsibility.

Our current culture is a restored and reinvigorated Sodom and Gomorrah — predatory hedonism and sexual indoctrination of our precious children is applauded and excused, and even sanctioned by law enforcement.

Earlier in the week, Richmond Cal Prep, a California middle school, hosted a drag event with a man who goes by the name of "Nicki Jizz," who boasted he "had them kids losing it."  In response, Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, condemned the deviant and this "perverted craze."

In a now deleted tweet, a freelance reporter from San Francisco, Zach Ruskin, castigated Dillon in an explicit rant, saying:

Political loyalties be damned.  After seeing footage of these events, you'd think adults with any hint of morality would recognize these acts as ones of cannibalism — we are eating our own.

We live in a time where parents sexually prey upon their own children.  There is nothing new under the sun; it's been done before, and it will be done again — but it shouldn't make it any more tolerable.  Protecting the innocence and purity of children is the hill to die on.

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