The radical left literally targets Amy Coney Barrett

The federal code is remarkably clear: a person who "pickets or parades" near a judge's home "with the intent of influencing any judge ... in the discharge of his duties ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both" (18 USC §1507).  Simply put, if you appear outside a judge's home attempting to change a case's outcome, you're a criminal.  And yet, who thinks Merrick Garland's DOJ will act on the fact that protesters gathered outside Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett's home — where she lives with her seven children — to intimidate her into changing her position on Roe v. Wade?

The protesters were not subtle; they were obvious and deliberately intimidating:

Pro-choice activists protested outside Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett's house over the weekend, donning fake-blood-stained clothes and holding baby dolls.

The protesters marched to the judge's Falls Church, Va., home Saturday and held signs including one with a coat hanger on it that said, "Not going back."

The youth activists, part of a group called Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, tied their hands together with tape and held the plastic baby dolls.

"This is what Amy's America looks like," one protester Ariana, 15, said in a video the group posted. "Children will be forced to give birth to children. Women will be silenced. Women will be invalidated. Women will be told they are less than.

"And that is not OK. We cannot let that happen. … You can't let this future happen to us. It's not fair." (Emphasis mine.)

Actually, children, if you're a biological woman, you are an incubator.  That's the way Mother Gaia (in whom I'm sure all of you believe) designed the system.  The child inside the woman is both separate from and dependent upon the woman who incubates it, providing the baby with the perfect temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, along with a marvelously balanced diet delivered directly to the baby's hungry little tummy.  Inside the incubator, the baby grows until it is ready to face the harsher environment of the outside world.  I'm not making up these rules; Mother Nature made them for us.

Also, am I the only one who noted the irony of their clutching dolls, obviously based on living babies, that they're imploring Barrett to allow them to kill?  Talk about sick, grotesque imagery.

When Amy Coney Barrett looks outside her kitchen window and sees these illegal protesters, she knows a few things about them: (1) they're completely indoctrinated, (2) they've been programmed to be useful idiots for the powers that be, (3) they know nothing about the Constitution or the American system of justice, (4) they're terribly dangerous.

And yes, it's true that a bunch of brainwashed little girls with fake bloodstained "children" doesn't look like gangbangers or Antifa.  But the girls do look remarkably like know, the brainless creatures of mindless rage and appetites.  But what Barrett knows is that there is nothing more dangerous than a young person in thrall to a bad idea.  The man who set out to kill Justice Kavanaugh was 27, but he very obviously had an emotional development issue that stopped somewhere in his teens.  During the Iran-Iraq War, Iran's most feared fighters were the children, armed with the amulets promising them paradise.

Image: Babies killing babies.  Twitter screen grab.

Leftism is a pagan death cult.  It revels in blood (witness the girls' attire); has an animist view of the natural world and therefore believes that mindless, amoral nature is more important than humankind; views the self as the closest thing to a god; and believes that insults to this self-god deserve the death penalty.  Because Western, Enlightenment, Judeo-Christian biblical morality isn't returning to schools or entertainment anytime soon, the only thing that can stop these children is a punitive response.

However, what these children already know is that the Biden administration will not apply the law against them.  Indeed, it's patently clear, given the administration's serpentine wordplay to avoid denouncing the same type of protests that led to an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh, that Biden & Co. want the conservative justices to be intimidated.  Indeed, many Democrats may secretly harbor a wish that a conservative justice gets "removed," opening the way for another Ketanji Brown Jackson.

For the time being, the illegal protests will continue unaddressed (just as BLM and Antifa's illegal riots got a pass) because, as Martha Stewart would have said, for the Democrats, anything that advances the leftist agenda, no matter how immoral or illegal, is a "good thing."  It's to be hoped that whatever system is in place to protect Barrett and her family works well.

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