The Biden administration's feckless diesel policy

Ordinary Americans are feeling the pain from high gas prices, but the real problem is skyrocketing diesel prices, helped along by looming shortages.  Nevertheless, the Biden administration is doing nothing to solve the problem.

How can Biden and his buddies on the left not realize that America runs on diesel fuel in the over-the-road trucks that deliver our food, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, and even the gasoline and diesel delivered to filling stations?  The short answer is that they do realize the harm they are doing to the economy, but they do not care.  Perhaps thanks to Hunter Biden's business plans, Joe Biden plans to force Chinese solar panel power on Americans, whether they want it — or can afford it — or not.  There's no room in that plan for addressing the high fuel costs that the "great unwashed" are enduring.

Biden and his administration may avert their eyes, but when the price of diesel fuel soars, trucking and material supply companies will pass those rising costs directly to consumers in the form of rising food prices.  (Heck, rising everything prices.)

The worst-case scenario comes from John Catsimatidis, CEO of United Refineries.  John knows the fuel business from start to finish, and he declared recently that diesel fuel supplies might be so tight this summer that diesel fuel may be rationed.  I know that sounds implausible, but it's already being seriously discussed in Europe.

Image: Diesel prices.  YouTube screen grab.

When Maria Bartiromo interviewed John, he was pleading on air for Biden to turn around the idiotic and destructive energy policy that Biden launched on his first day in office when he canceled the Keystone pipeline and stopped drilling on federal lands.  These policies have caused our once-energy-independent colossus to beg the Saudis, Iranians, and Venezuelans to produce more oil.

That's the big picture, but let's focus back on how the possible diesel fuel rationing might impact you and me.

Trucks that can't be fueled can't deliver, and we could find ourselves looking at empty grocery shelves, no fuel, and an economy that is imploding.  What's worse is the simple fact that Biden has said that he wants to drive toward solar and wind power and away from fossil fuels (to cater to the extreme left).

Biden views high fossil fuel prices as the most efficient mechanism to achieve the energy goals of the leftists.  But as usual, there are huge gaps in Biden's game plan.  How do you lift a 747 off the ground using solar power?  How do you recharge electric vehicles when there are no recharging stations?  How do you get food, medicine, and essentials delivered if there is no diesel?  How do the working poor get to work if gasoline is $10.00/gallon and there is no more credit on the credit card?

Gee, I wonder what all those hungry people will do when they have not eaten in a couple of days after giving their kids all the rations?  Yeah, they'll try to take whatever they need.

I am certain that soon-to-be-President Kamala Harris has ready solutions to all these ills, but, for the time being, please recall that...your government is at war with you!

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