The NFL fines a Redskins coach for failing to take January 6 seriously

Jack Del Rio, the defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins (and yes, I'm deadnaming a football team originally named to honor the Native American fighting spirit), very politely suggested that, if the Democrats are going to get hysterical about January 6, they also need to take seriously the summer of BLM riots.  For his temerity in failing to respect Saint George Floyd, the drug-addicted ex-con, and not taking sufficiently seriously the worst day in American history since Southerners fired on Fort Sumter in 1861, the Redskins' head coach fined him $100,000.

It all started when Del Rio tweeted out that he cannot understand why so much attention is being paid to January 6, a day of minimal destruction and only one death (at the hands of a Capitol Police office), and so little to the BLM riots, which caused dozens of deaths and billions of dollars of damage across America:

In a subsequent press conference, Del Rio doubled down on his query, stating it calmly and respectfully, while reminding assembled reporters that free speech is an American right.  Del Rio also called January 6 a "dust-up":

Objectively, Del Rio is correct.  January 6 was relatively inconsequential compared to leftist attacks on the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings, when they invaded the Senate chambers, or when they attacked the Supreme Court building or when they rioted and burned through Washington, D.C. in May, including an attempt to attack the White House and lynch the president — and that's not even counting burning down parts of Minneapolis and Kenosha, setting up a crime-ridden CHAZ in Seattle, attacking the federal court for months in Portland, and so much more.

But suggesting that St. George Floyd's riots were as felonious as George himself, or that the Capitol riot did nothing more meaningful than terrify the cowards and quislings in Congress, was apparently not part of Del Rio's free speech.  It was apparently especially evil of him to call January 6 a dust-up, instead of the "Second Fort Sumter" or something like that.

Almost immediately, Del Rio foolishly issued the ritual apology:

All that an apology does is wave a red flag to the woke mob — and, in this case, the woke mob was embodied in the person of the Redskins' head coach, Ron Rivera.  Amusingly, as I write this, someone managed to get to Wikipedia and have a little editorial fun:

Image from Wikipedia.

[Editor's note: As of 10:00 A.M. Eastern, the entry now reads "... and a great American."  The Wiki-minions move fast...]

Rivera may not be a communist (although you'll see that he gives a good imitation of one of Mao's minions during the Cultural Revolution), but he's certainly woke or maybe just weak.  He announced on Friday that he was fining Del Rio $100,000 for daring to insinuate that a summer of deadly, destructive riots might be in the same league as an afternoon protest at the U.S. Capitol in which cowered gutless congresspeople and a killer police officer:

I hope you noticed the rainbow "W" logo for the team.  Can the Redskins abase themselves any more before the woke mob?

I abandoned the NFL after it bowed before Colin Kaepernick.  I want to watch a game, not a ritual abasement and abuse session.  The NFL is an anti-American, fascist organization that offers little in the way of excitement as steroid-swollen men shuffle on and off the field for an endless three hours that boils down to about 45 minutes of physical activity.  And now, to make it even more creepy, if the Carolina Panthers are playing, you can watch a confused man writhe and kick along with the female cheerleaders as he labors under the delusion that he's truly one of them.

Still, as long as Americans pay for that dreary, overpriced, undemocratic, anti-American spectacle, we're stuck with it.

Image: Jack Del Rio.  YouTube screen grab.

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