In Canada, the LGBTQ+++ crowd is open about excluding parents

Because I don't work for a major American corporation, I'm a little bit insulated from the totalitarian fervor behind Pride month.  It assaults me at stores (although, thankfully, not at Publix), but my employer isn't forcing me to do or say things to express Pride in a group of people about whom I have no proud feelings.  The totalitarianism is real, though, and if you want to see where it's leading, just look to our neighbors to the north.  There, the state's takeover of grooming children is extreme, the results are horrifying, and our homegrown LGBTQ+++ crowd desperately wants to see the same thing happening here.

The Canadian government has officially declared that parents are the enemy when it comes to children who announce that they are transgender:

Canadian parents can go to prison if they object to their child wanting to change gender.

In Canada, the state can overrule parents who oppose their gender-dysphoric children from getting puberty-blocking interventions, testosterone, or even scrotectomy, castration, and vaginoplasty.

Furthermore, a parent's failure to call their child by the wrong pronoun could be considered child abuse.

The government takes those laws seriously.  Last year, a man whose 16-year-old daughter decided she was a boy and demanded male pronouns committed the unspeakable sin of calling her his daughter and using accurate female pronouns when referring to her.  By doing so, he violated a court order mandating that he must refer to the biological daughter who carries his DNA only by manly terms.  When the man asserted that the principles of free speech allowed him to continue to call his daughter a daughter, British Columbia's attorney general issued an arrest warrant against him and clapped him in jail.

The man learned that his daughter's "transition" began in school when his daughter was exposed to mandatory sexual and gender identity materials.  The school, without notifying him, began to treat his daughter as a girl, and the school counselor officially changed her name.  The whole story is disgusting and is what Democrats want to see here in America.

As a further preview of coming attractions, the City of Surrey in British Columbia is sponsoring a "Youth Pride Dance" for the 13- to 18-year-old set.  So far, so typical for any modern city across the English-speaking world.  What makes this event a little different (and again, a foretaste of things to come in America) is the stern notice displayed on the face of the event announcement: "For participant privacy and safety, parents or guardians are not permitted in the event."

The schools are grooming students to embrace alternative sexualities that come with high risks of drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and suicide.  Then they tell the children that their parents are dangerous.  And having broken the parent-child bond, they bar the parents from meaningful contact with their children, further allowing the schools and other political organizations greater grooming access.

Currently, mostly rogue teachers and administrators are doing this, but it's a developing trend.  When this happens in your child's school district, don't say you weren't warned.

Image: The City of Surrey's Youth Pride Dance announcement.  Twitter screen grab.

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