Decoding the Democrat protestors after Roe

The recent ruling from the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade launched a thousand protests, which the Democrats called "The Night of Rage."

In Washington D.C., hundreds of pro-abortion ‘activists’ marched, shouted slogans, and held signs outside the Supreme Court building and beyond.

Crowds ‘demonstrated’ before the federal building in downtown Chicago. The cacophony of ‘protests’ was also witnessed at the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison, and in Flint, Michigan.

There were ‘marches’ in downtown Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles.

There were ‘demonstrations’ in Richmond, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina, and Topeka, Kansas.

In Phoenix, ‘protesters’ managed to break the doors of the Arizona Senate building.

Some of these ‘demonstrations’ involved road blockades while obscenities were shouted elsewhere.

Enraged 'protesters' also descended before the homes of the six conservative Supreme Court justices.

Also, this week the Senate passed a gun control bill, that among other things, enables the confiscation of guns on the basis of suspicion. But conservatives didn't hit the streets demonstrating that their rights were encroached upon.

For decades, since the beginning of the Nixon era, the Democrats have been the party of  "demonstrations."  The operation has become so smooth now that they can muster raucous nationwide protests for any issue in a matter of hours. It is almost as if they have a sleeper cell that can be activated on command.

So how did the Democrats manage this?

This has been a long-term project for the Democrats for which a great deal of time was invested. They knew they needed a base of paranoid, enraged, socially maladjusted, and purposeless individuals.

Hence they struck their subjects when they were young and impressionable.

Schools were the ideal places to commence their operation. The syllabus was altered. Children were indoctrinated about the environment, race, gender identity, and the evils of capitalism. 

They were taught that their country was founded in sin. Dark chapters of their country's history were made to appear like their country's sole legacy.   

Inconvenient facts such as Democrats being slave owners and segregationists were concealed. All the blame was placed on the GOP and Trump who are portrayed as white supremacists and neo-Nazis. 

Those belonging to the minorities are still characterized as permanent victims and those who belong to the demographic majority are called permanent oppressors. They are also still told that the planet will become uninhabitable because the GOP or Trump or the right have no compassion.

The constant talk about gender and sexuality also has an impact. The young subject could be influenced into thinking they fall on the LGBT+ spectrum. This adds to their social maladjustment. Those well wishers asking questions are shut down as bigots.

In time a base of miserable and paranoid individuals develops. Some suffer from guilt while others suffer from a persecution complex.

As the subjects grow, the indoctrination continues. Language is policed. They are trained to look for offenses in the most innocuous of situations. Being offended is seen as the equivalent of being virtuous. Their worldview is restricted. Their teachers tell them that watching Fox News or reading Breitbart is the equivalent of enabling White Supremacy.

The environmental and the climate crisis is overstated, the subjects are told they have a few years left before they will all be fried alive by the blazing sun.

The blame once again is placed on Trump, the GOP, Caucasians, and others whom they see as "privileged."

As they grow the subjects become severely damaged creatures.

They are perpetually affronted especially by humor. They need 'safe spaces' to insulate themselves from even the slightest contrarian view. They become social misfits.

They cannot function socially or in any workplace. They go deeper into their sanctimonious echo chambers at times abandoning their families. They look upon those who disagree with them as enemies or human impediments. They blame the GOP for each and every problem in the world.

During the Cold War, colleges and universities were recruiting ground for intelligence agencies on both sides. Kim Philby, the notorious Soviet mole who rose to the top of MI6, was recruited while he was studying at Cambridge University. Philby’s treachery caused irreparable damage to the West and the loss of innumerable lives.

This mentality prevails.

Someone approaches their indoctrinated and tormented subject perhaps when they are in college or earlier.

The subject realizes that they can continue to behave badly only this time they have a cause attached. If they shout obscenities in public and pelt stones at luxury stores, they would be arrested and sent to prison for a long term. But if they do it for a ‘cause’, it is seen as righteous indignation. Their violence is called peaceful protests. If they are arrested, Hollywood celebrities bail them out. They also receive wages for their efforts.

The smarter ones in the group grasp this formula as a shortcut to fame and wealth. They use their clout to rise up the hierarchy. They set up organizations such as BLM, which collect donations. The donations are used to buy plush mansions in wealthy neighborhoods. 

Some such as AOC choose a career in politics. They spend the day talking about the rights of minorities and climate change. By evening they attend gals events dressed in expensive designer outfits. They use their clout for lucrative deals that enrich themselves. 

What is sad is that some are true believers. They endure a permanent psychological change following years of brainwashing. They begin to think of the GOP as their mortal enemy. They smear paint on their faces and bodies and carry obscene slogans on command. They attempt to outdo each other in their attempt to be more outrageous. They become oddities on social media and memes material. Some of the more unstable variety attempt assassinations. When they become unmanageable, they will be dropped instantaneously.

Democrats use these groups like disposable commodities. They will be cheered as a group but overlooked as individuals. They will always be part of the crowds but never be allowed on stage. The stage is reserved for the Hollywood star or the pop singer or the politician. If they secure a victory, the Democrat ‘elites’ will enjoy the fruits of power and receive invites to galas. The activist will always be out on the streets.

Democrat overlords will even heap blandishments on them. But the shallow words of praise are all they will receive if they are lucky. The very same Democrat leaders will never ever allow their own children to participate in such unruly demonstrations.

They will, in fact. use all their influence to give their children a life of peace, prosperity, and luxury. The chaos and peril are left to other people’s children, whom they see as expendable.

To waste life is inexplicably sad. But that is how the left sees human beings, as resources to forward their agenda. They may claim to want a classless society devoid of discrimination, but they are the biggest believers in a permanent hierarchies structure where they remain on top.

The system will need a total overhaul for this madness to end.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video, via YouTube

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