Biden thinks radical leftist policies are 'rational'

After the carnage in Uvalde, Biden anticipates bipartisan actions to further infringe upon God-given rights protected by the Second Amendment.  Declaring the Second Amendment was never "absolute," Biden said; "I think things have gotten so bad that everybody's getting more rational, at least that's my hope ..."

No matter how popular and successful the policies of limited-government conservatism are, Democrats and the media classify them as "right-wing" or "controversial" and "extreme."  No matter how radical, unpopular, and destructive Democrat policies are, leftist politicians and their media accomplices declare them to be "common sense solutions" and "moderate."

Too bad that in reality, there are so few rational Democrats (if any).  The radical elites in Washington don't even know what it's like to represent the American people anymore, they're so warped by corruption and self-interest.

Regarding the issue of abortion: A recent poll found that a majority of pro-abortion Americans stand opposed to late-term abortion, and 77% of the same group disagreed with withholding medical care from newborns — yet the Democrat party is forging ahead to enact legislation on all levels to create a government that sanctions baby murder.

Next up, taxes.  The government brought in record revenue under President Trump after the tax reform, yet Biden and other Democrats want to raise the rates.  From a Washington Times article:

The U.S. Treasury announced Thursday that it collected more than $2.1 trillion in taxes between October 2021 and March of this year. The figure is the first time in history that tax collection has exceeded more than $2 trillion over six months.

Democrats and the media continue to lie that the tax cuts cost the government trillions, but how can you argue with the U.S. Treasury?  Where are the fact-checkers?

Or how about the size of the government?  President Trump's policies of slashing regulations and reducing tax rates was the rising tide lifting all boats.  Despite continued political obstruction, Trump secured American prosperity that had so long been suffocated.  Yet expansion of the government is the panacea offered by Democrats.

In Trump's third year, the Census Bureau published data showing that

2019 was a historic year for raising Americans' living standards. Real median household income reached a record high, and poverty reached a record low. Improvements in income and poverty were the largest in over 50 years. Minority groups — including black, Hispanic and Asian Americans — experienced the largest gains.

Assaults on our sovereignty come in many forms, but the open-border policies of Biden create a scenario where foreign nationals flood in like an invasion.  The public, including minorities, are against illegal immigration and want the border secured.  Biden refuses to visit the border, even when he's within a few miles.  The willful avoidance of the Democrats and the media to address the border crisis indicates they remain steadfast in their apathy toward the deaths and abuse of children at the hands of cartels and human-traffickers.

The litany of senseless and ill advised Democrat policies continues ad nauseam.  Democrats claim they want unity under a "Big Tent," but admission requires conformity to radical, irrational leftism.

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