Canadian man rejects capitalism by — you guessed it — starting a small business

Gabriel Sims-Fewer left Vancouver due to its "unwelcoming sense of classism" and became an entrepreneur, starting a coffee shop in Toronto by the name of The Anarchist.  Branded as an "anti-capitalist, anti-colonial cafe, shop, and radical community space on stolen land," the café is the quintessential modern hipster hub, selling politically commercialized art, stickers, and other merchandise, as well as books on radical leftism.  The shop carries high-end specialty coffee beans and a range of vegan and gluten-free pastry options — it is the paradise of a pseudo-Marxist.

Across some of the products is the slogan "People Over Profit" — but of course, they're not being sold at a loss.  When one social media user asked The Anarchist about the "proceeds" from the anti-capitalist textiles, the coffee shop replied, "It's not a charity, it's a business."

A laudatory article posted on a popular Toronto blog said:

Currently, he's the only employee but hopes to grow the business into a worker-owned and operated co-op where every single person (himself included) is paid the same with all operational business decisions being made by consensus-based democracy free of managers or institutional hierarchy.

There are two things worth noting about the passage above: the fact that he's the only employee and the anticipated chaos that accompanies all communistic endeavors.

Sims-Fewer is the only employee because he's actually a capitalist.  As the owner of a small business, he's embracing wise financial decisions and a resolute work ethic — the hallmarks of free enterprise.  Secondly, the author of the blog notes that eventually, after Sims-Fewer retires from his stint as a capitalist, he can switch gears from tycoon to altruist.  At that point, among all the other communist misfits, Sims-Fewer can institute a "consensus-based democracy" for business decisions.  However, what if the company is split evenly?  If there are no managers, who does the hiring?  Who handles the dirty jobs?  What happens when disagreements arise?

Like a good communist, Sims-Fewer is not an intellectual.

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